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Based in central New Jersey, Meadow Services offers a wide array of services, including lawn maintenance and landscape design. They serve commercial clients, as well as residential properties. “We are a small landscaping company and as such, we have to rely on our employees to be honest, efficient, to work to the best of their ability, and be punctual,” says office manager, Tina Kaiser.

So, when Ms. Kaiser noticed that the trucks in her 16-vehicle fleet weren’t always where she expected them to be, she turned to Quartix Vehicle Tracking to deal with the time management issue.

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“Crews were taking too long in the morning to get to jobsites,” Kaiser says. “I finally realized that the crews were making stops for personal use on company time, which is not cost effective for any company.”


With Quartix, Kaiser was able to note her drivers’ exact routes and stops on their way to jobsites, recording the data necessary to facilitate meaningful conversations and modify driver behavior. Live-tracking, daily logs, and weekly timesheets are core features of the Quartix system and all together they give customers a comprehensive view of their fleet’s activity.

Backed by Google Maps—with Satellite, Street View, and Traffic integration—Quartix live-tracking allows fleet managers to pinpoint their vehicles in real time, see a color-coded trace of the routes they have taken that day, follow them on their journey, or zoom to their current location in either satellite or street view. “If there is an emergency and I need to go out to a job, I know where the drivers are and can locate them right away,” Kaiser says. “Because our crews know that they are being monitored, production is getting done on time, faster, and within the budget.”


Staying on budget is a concern for any business and vehicle tracking has been proven to help bring down costs by making fleet managers aware of areas where waste and overages can be reduced or even excised. One of the biggest of these is fuel expenditure, which can be decreased by examining driving style, including acceleration and braking, to discover where improvements can be made.

Some Quartix customers who use driving style reports to help modify driver behavior have seen an 18% improvement in their fuel consumption. Depending on typical fuel spend, this can mean that the system essentially pays for itself. Quartix also offers tools to simplify International Fuel Tax Agreement filings, with state-by-state summaries of mileage and estimated fuel usage. For managers accountable for IFTA reporting, the feature can save significant time and energy.


Another way Quartix has helped Meadow Services is by highlighting overtime, duplicate routes, and even idling, allowing for optimization to save time and resources. “I have seen a lot of overtime that was unnecessary being saved for my company,” says Kaiser. It’s easy to see how having a full report of driver activity during shift times or business hours could ensure that. “At the end of the week, I can compile a spreadsheet to compare the actual time that the job took with what our crews say the hours were to complete the job.”

“One feature that really stands out is geofencing,” Kaiser continues. “We use this so we can be alerted when the crew is not where they are supposed to be.” Geofencing allows Quartix customers to set up real-time alarms to inform them of fleet movements that are either mandatory or prohibited. Both named locations and geographical zones can be established with this feature and the customer can choose if vehicles must be inside the zone or at the location or if they must not be—at specified times.  For example, if Meadow Services’ vehicles must be within county limits during business hours, Kaiser will receive an alarm message if a vehicle goes outside that pre-determined area during the working day.


For Kaiser, what set the Quartix system apart in a crowded market was cost and customer service. With competitive prices, rental and purchase options, and 12-month contracts, Quartix is just as affordable for a company with two vehicles as it is for one with 200. Contracts are simple and straightforward, with no hidden costs and customers can choose to self-install their units at a discounted price or opt for full-service installation.

“We installed the devices in all of our trucks ourselves. The process is simple and directions were very clear,” Kaiser says. “The device is so compact, our crews do not even know that they are there.”

Quartix also offers two different fleet tracking packages. InfoPoint is a good choice for those who are seeking a reliable tool for basic tracking, while InfoPlus—the firm’s most popular and comprehensive option—has additional fleet management features, such as the IFTA reporting tool and geofencing.  Customers with InfoPlus are also eligible to add Quartix’s new electronic hours of service logging functionality at no extra charge.


Above all else, customer service is paramount at Quartix. “The customer reps at Quartix are unique and stand above the rest,” says Kaiser. “They are so courteous and helpful, no matter how big or small of a problem you might have.” In addition to an experienced and knowledgeable sales team, Quartix has a dedicated support team, accessible by direct dial lines, to answer any questions about the units or the system. “Dealing with a live customer support team was a major deciding factor in the company I chose to track my vehicles,” Kaiser says. “Every time I need support, I know I will have answers within that one phone call.”

“I recommend Quartix to everyone who asks me about GPS systems,” Kaiser continues. For its part, Quartix is happy to have helped Meadow Services bring down costs and increase productivity. Quartix looks forward to growing with its customer for years to come.


Established in 2001, Quartix has installed more than 250,000 units for more than 8,000 fleet customers. The company offers GPS tracking and fleet management solutions that are reliable and affordable. Find out more, call 855.913.6663 or email


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