Featured Product: July 2016

Verity Rear Vision Systems®

J Series
For 20 years, Verity has listened to engineers, production managers, fleet supervisors, and end users with specific desires and requirements. Verity’s new J Series is the result of two years of development and testing in conjunction with OEMs. J Series features:

  • IP 69K color, waterproof, 700 TV Line cameras providing an image equal to HD home television
  • Full-screen night vision
  • Changes reflect production line needs for new OEM installations or retro-fit on existing fleets
  • Interchangeable components with all Verity systems
  • Packaging designed for efficient installation
  • End-user friendly installation manuals and wiring diagrams
  • On-line support portals catered to larger OEMs and fleets
  • Original design services and branding options provided

Verity Rear Vision Systems® is a division of Component Solution Services established in 2002 and is a Woman-owned Company.


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