Seamless, Quick, and Hassle-free Fleet Safety Solutions and Telematics Systems


I-STICKER is a flat, lightweight GPS-based tracker that adheres to the windshield. The wireless and installation-free device has its own power source.

Fleet and safety managers are aware of the importance of telematics and fleet safety solutions. They also know how stressful implementation can be. It can be a long and challenging process with high costs rippling into logistics and administrative arenas.

There are thousands of tracking device vendors offering different GPS-based solutions. The truth is, most tracking solutions are practically the same with very minor differences—mainly form factor and add-ons. Some require hard-wired installation, some require OBDII connections, but all of them require a professional installation. Yes, even OBDII should be professionally installed if it is to be concealed to protect it from tampering.

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Although there are multiple benefits of these systems, there are downsides to the installation, such as electrical problems, battery drain, installation costs, long wait times and scheduling, and vehicle and employee downtime. This makes deployment stressful, inconvenient, creates operational losses, and it affects the company’s bottom line.


One company, RGRAUTO, has deployed traditional fleet management systems (FMS) for years. But its new product is anything but traditional. RGRAUTO offers I-STICKER that gives fleet managers the information they really need without risk or downfalls that could occur with other telematics systems. I-STICKER is for fleet managers who wish to:

  • know how drivers are doing
  • assess driving behavior
  • know how drivers use company vehicles
  • see route history
  • download logbooks
  • see possible traffic violations
  • manage hours of service
  • control fuel consumption
  • monitor geolocation and geofencing
  • be alerted to possible abuse

I-STICKER is a tiny, flat, and lightweight GPS-based vehicular tracker that adheres to a vehicle’s windshield and is ready to go in seconds. It is absolutely wireless and installation free. I-STICKER has its own power source, so there is no need to replace batteries. It uses innovative communications technologies that eliminate SIM cards and the hassle that goes with them, such as SIM management, contracts, monthly fees, and maintenance. All you need to do is peel and stick, and say goodbye to the hassles of implementation and maintenance of wired telematics.


RGRAUTO is a multi-brand distributor and integrator, partnered with leading vendors such as Geotab, MiX Telematics, Ituran, Orpak-Gilbarco, GreenRoad, Cloud-Wise, Mobileye, Cipia, and others. RGRAUTO offers its customers customized, integrated solutions from its portfolio of vendors. In the end, customers receive ready, turnkey solutions.

For instance, RGRAUTO integrates advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and FMS, giving the fleet and safety managers a comprehensive overview of its vehicles and its drivers, both in terms of fleet and safety management—including insight about accident prevention—and full visibility of what happened on the road with wide choices of reports and analytics.

RGRAUTO provides comprehensive reports with recommendations for improvements, creates reports upon request, and assists fleet administrators with their challenges on a daily basis. The brand doesn’t just provide raw “big data” that is useless in decision-making and overloads already busy fleet managers. These RGRAUTO solutions lighten the load.

RGRAUTO also offers integration between driver monitoring systems (DMS) and FMS to help drivers correct bad driving habits to avoid eating, drinking, smoking, or using a cellphone while driving. The system also prompts drivers when they forget to fasten safety belts. When drivers’ violations continue, the system can inform the fleet manager, encouraging collaboration and teamwork to improve driver habits and maintain good work relations.


“We believe that fleet managers and company administration should not have to work hard, but work smart,” says Roman Ferster, RGRAUTO CEO.

Big brother systems, video telematics, dash cams, and big data might be trendy terms and many vendors lobby and promote them, but they are not necessarily beneficial for customers.

“They are not only unnecessary, they are a real headache and, in some cases, even detrimental to maintaining a good, steady team of drivers. Instead, we offer detailed information in comprehensive reports … and only what you really need. We will not drown you with useless data and jam up your inbox and mail servers with video clips of every move in the cabin that nobody watches,” Ferster adds.

Why not focus on potentially dangerous activity? Why not prevent accidents instead of recording them?

Why pay for extensive services when you really only need part of it? And do it all while saving the company money.


RGRAUTO is a global provider of integrated solutions for various-sized fleets in multiple industries. RGRAUTO offers fleets an extensive portfolio and integration of different and competitive solutions to meet their requirements and budgets. Find out more, visit

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