In recent years, the rising number of daily obstacles facing commercial vehicle operators has also resulted in the demand for commercial vehicle cameras to skyrocket. Commercial vehicle drivers are facing increased pressure regarding safety and accountability from both their management and the general public. Video and telematics data has proven to be nearly invaluable when faced with fraudulent claims, risk management cases, and driver behavior in general.


While drivers have been battling some concerns for decades, the newest and perhaps the most nefarious concern for commercial drivers is the alarmingly increasing amount of “Crash for Cash” cases. This is where a driver deliberately or unnecessarily slams their brakes when they notice a commercial vehicle behind them in an effort to collect insurance or cash.
In fact, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the total cost of non-health insurance fraud is estimated to be more than $40 billion per year—that’s $400 to $700 a year per family due to increased premiums. “It’s all about greed, so whatever is going to put money in people’s pockets, that is what they will do,” New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa says. “Some of them are really simple and some of them are really complex.” With drivers’ jobs and records on the line, in-truck video cameras and telematics software have been increasingly seen as a protective necessity in this modern age.
With so many problems, concerns, and even simple accidents, it’s no surprise why video documentation has become so attractive in recent years. Identifying these various problems is the easy part; the hard part is finding a solution. Companies, such as Digital Ally Inc., who offer “Complete Solutions,” have taken it upon themselves to ensure drivers and companies alike are always protected.

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A complete solution is just that: One solution with the ability to address all problems these companies are facing. Complete solutions generally come with a video and telematics complete management system. Managing all your digital video on one easy-to-use platform is essential and, while ease of use is important, the system must also be powerful. These systems could include live asset tracking and mapping, posted speed violations, and customizable real-time alerts, such as idle time, collisions, geofences, and speeding. Management can even generate a video from a dashboard.
The Digital Ally DVM-250 Event Recorder and FleetVu Management Suite products offer all of these features. “The cameras protect my drivers and company from false accusations and video is the way of the world now,” says Russ Lindemann of Par Towing Inc. These factors are the major influencer of rising insurance premiums and litigation expenses, but having one solution to track, modify, and control all these factors is essential to minimizing these costs.
Fleet operators are increasingly gravitating toward companies who offer these complete solutions. Understanding that frequency and severity factors and hazards that affect drivers—and subsequently, the company as a whole—every day has been the leading cause of this gravitation. It’s no surprise that fleet companies who understand their industry thoroughly and are able to educate their employees about the benefit of their in-truck video system are industry leaders. Protecting your drivers and assets from the many risks that affect your company is smart, but one solution for all the risks is smarter.


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