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An Easy-to-use Telematics Solution


How much more productive would your drivers be if you were sitting with them in the front seat of the vehicle? Do you know how much employee downtime costs you annually? These are questions quickly answered when you have implemented an easy-to-use telematics solution for your fleet.
GPS tracking for fleets is more than knowing where vehicles are located: It’s not limited to a red dot on a map. Fleet managers greatly benefit from knowing the location of a vehicle, as well as driver speed, maintenance alerts, and idle times.


Technology is advancing rapidly and fleet managers understand the benefits of having this knowledge at their fingertips. Increased data collection is useless without the use of a system (telematics) for programming the data into usable reports, with measurable goals and assignable actions.

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In today’s world, it is about context and how to understand and use the data collected. The objective will always be to protect your employees. This covers exonerating them of accusations in the event of an accident or proving they were at the jobsite when they said they arrived. The latter is particularly helpful with prevailing wage situations. It is understandable; you want to protect your investment in equipment and training.

Telematics also offers more insight for daily operational costs, which will help you accurately quantify job cost to avoid over-bidding and/or under-bidding on a project or particular elements of the project.


If your mechanic was sitting in the truck monitoring the various functions, would that reduce vehicle downtime and extend the usable and productive life of your trucks?

USA Fleet Solutions offers maximum fleet efficiency with scheduled maintenance alerts that notify user(s) of:

  • Diagnostic Trouble Code Alerts (DTCs)
  • Scheduled Maintenance Alerts
  • Idle-time Data
  • Remote Smog Check
  • Automatic Odometer Readings
  • Automatic Recall NoticesMaintenance History Online

Receive notifications by both text and email to supervisors and drivers to let them know it is time to bring the vehicle in for service. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are immediate alerts that come to a smart phone as a text message or an email.

While there are a variety of fleet maintenance programs on the market, many are expensive and cumbersome. It is important to ask yourself how your company might benefit from a more robust, user-friendly, and efficient service record system. Telematics improved service records will give you “fleet history” at a glance. A prime example is maintaining the cost of each maintenance service for budgeting and forecasting purposes.

Are you aware of when the PTO is running on any of your fleet vehicles? Knowing the run-time of your vehicles allows you to calculate the maximum reimbursement on fuel taxes since you are unable to run “dyed-diesel” on those vehicles. In fact, you can have sensors on up to six five-volt or greater transitions in your vehicle to help monitor that work is getting done—and to company standards.
Featured Image: In an industry with heavy competition, USA Fleet Solutions has distinguished itself with a brand of customer service and support.


Have you considered the impact of unexpected vehicle breakdowns, running out of fuel, driver locked keys inside, or when a driver may need a tow? USA Fleet Solutions provides a solution for that, too, with its Roadside Assistance Program.

Would your company benefit from four free roadside assistance calls per vehicle, per year? Providing Roadside Assistance for your vehicles helps with emergencies that can reduce production time or delay deliveries. Plus, the first 25 miles of towing is free, regardless of GVW.


In an industry with heavy competition, USA Fleet Solutions has distinguished itself with a brand of customer service and support. According to a representative of the manufacturer, “When you work with USA Fleet Solutions, you receive a whole level of support and service with which no manufacturer in the country can compete.”

USA Fleet Solutions eats, sleeps, and breathes GPS Tracking Systems for fleets of all sizes. The company values your business and pledges to offer:

  • Comprehensive install and implementation
  • Latest application update notifications for your device(s)
  • Continued training and 24/7 customer support

As a Certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), USA Fleet Solutions is the largest national reseller partner for Networkfleet, a Verizon company. The past 12-year growth history has taken the company from a client-base as small as one to the City/County of San Francisco, with 3,500 units and expanding.


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