Chevin’s Fleet Management Software Upgraded to Provide Modern Interface



Fans of Chevin Fleet Solutions might be excited to read that the fleet-management software provider has launched the first phase of user interface upgrades to its flagship software product. FleetWave software—used in more than 180 countries—simplifies fleet, driver, and maintenance management tasks, such as overseeing financials and monitoring company policies that drivers, technicians, and shops are expected to follow.


Users will quickly see the upgraded interface has a new log-in process, and aesthetic improvements to the stylesheet used throughout. The software’s existing functions remain intact with a number of technological enhancements, including:

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  • The new log-in system that is fully compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • The ability to custom brand screens with background images and logos
  • Improved content layout with more-coherent tools that are easier to navigate
  • Updates that provide more consistent cross-browser functionality

Additional phases will be implemented over the coming months, aimed at ensuring a smooth transition. The advances will impact a variety of functionalities, such as menu navigation, the dashboard, and KPI wizard—a tool that allows users to create and display graphs and charts on the home screen to track a fleet’s performance. It’s used for such items as pending vehicle orders, services due, monthly fuel costs by department, and more.


FleetWave’s upgrade ideas often emerge from user group meetings Chevin holds annually, in which clients are introduced to features prior to launch, provide feedback, share ideas, learn best practices, and participate in “how-to” workshops. The 2017 meeting was held in Nashville, Tennessee, with 60 participants from 24 companies in attendance.

“Feedback from our clients drives continuous product improvements, which is why our annual user group meetings have become so popular,” says Ron Katz, senior vice president, Chevin North American Sales. “The latest release is centered on a new user interface that has been designed to significantly improve the user experience across core areas of the system. Still configured to retain all of the software’s existing functionality, FleetWave now delivers a more modern, clean look that promotes a user-friendly experience.”

Some companies—in a variety of industries—are quicker than others to incorporate new technologies into their systems. Businesses employing fleet-management software are no different. There are countless fleet managers that log in every morning to outdated software featuring clunky interfaces. Chevin is positioning FleetWave to break the mold by including the latest internet technologies, fresh interface functionalities, and updated tools in its upgrades.

Featured Image: Interface upgrades include aesthetic and technological improvements.
 FleetWave’s KPI wizard tool allows users to create and display graphs and charts on the home screen.


According to Chevin, FleetWave helps companies manage vehicles, assets, and fleets from acquisition to disposal. The software tracks fixed and variable costs related to utilization, maintenance, compliance, incident and accident details, and more. Some of the benefits of using FleetWave software include its ability to help fleet managers:

  • Improve efficiency in its operations
  • Uncover costs that need cutting
  • Help ensure regulation compliance
  • Assist in meeting risk management requirements

New FleetWave subscribers have received the phase 1 release and existing clients can turn it on in their “settings.” It is provided free of charge when clients request FleetWave’s latest code release or upgrade.


Chevin Fleet Solutions is a leading global provider of fleet management software used in more than 180 countries across the globe to manage more than 1,000,000 vehicles. The company provides solutions to the public, utility, and corporate sectors; and government and non-governmental organizations. Find out more about Chevin Fleet Solutions, visit

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