ServiceMaster Restore Adopts Fleetio’s Solution for Outsourced Fleet Maintenance


Maintenance Shop Integration

When a disaster strikes, everyday life can be anything but normal. For those moments, ServiceMaster Restore provides restoration services for both commercial and residential buildings to alleviate the damage. 

From fire, mold, and weather disaster damage, the company is well-equipped to aid in a variety of recovery initiatives. In order to properly serve customers, it relies on the health and availability of its fleet of more than 35 assets. 

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Having the ability to manage a fleet of assets serviced across various locations, expedite the fleet maintenance approval and billing processes, and locate and compare service providers were all key factors in the company’s decision to use Fleetio Manage and its Maintenance Shop Integration. 


Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration eliminates the administration burden of fleet maintenance management. Using technology to connect a fleet and its third-party shops—something fleet management companies have historically used large staffs and call centers to do—Fleetio allows users to capture all completed repair order data with no manual entry, approve service electronically, and take advantage of exclusive discounts at national and regional shops.

Through Fleetio’s growing Maintenance Provider Network, users can automatically pull data into Fleetio from more than 30,000 maintenance shops including national providers like Firestone, Pep Boys, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) (including Dodge and Jeep), Sears Auto Center, and Monro Auto Service and Tire Centers, plus more than 22,000 independent shops around the US.

“The Shop Integration streamlines the entire process,” Reggie Eubanks, fleet manager at ServiceMaster Restore, says. “From where we send the servicing to get done to getting the approvals, it’s so simple. It gives us all the information in one place to dissect it and do what we need to do with it.”


Time is critical for ServiceMaster Restore. Whether it’s having properly functioning assets ready to act quickly after an unexpected disaster strikes or for a routine restoration, the company needed a time-saving fleet management solution that makes managing maintenance a breeze. 

“Absolutely one of the easiest sign-up processes I’ve ever been through,” Eubanks says about Fleetio. “It took a couple days to have the charge account and integration set up, which was easy.”

Prior to Fleetio, it was anything but easy for ServiceMaster Restore to manage all of its maintenance vendors. The company had various vendors across several states requiring constant communication and tedious invoice entries. This outdated process hindered efficiency and made it difficult to properly manage the fleet. In contrast, Fleetio Manage allows ServiceMaster Restore to maintain a detailed service history and approve service without time-consuming data entry or having to make a phone call to a service shop.

“We’re able to download the information straight into the software so we don’t have to key all that information in again. Keeps things consistent, clean, and a whole lot easier to manage,” Eubanks says. 

Eliminating phone tag and manual data entry aren’t the only time-saving benefits ServiceMaster Restore experienced. With Fleetio, Eubanks receives alerts for maintenance requests on his mobile device, allowing him to make decisions in a timely fashion.

“I got an email that I had a vehicle that needed authorization. I was able to log in, see what the recommendations were, and approve or decline anything that I didn’t feel needed to be done right away without ever having to make a phone call,” Eubanks says. 


For ServiceMaster Restore, the ability to consolidate billing for services was one of the most appealing features of Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration.

Previously, the company spent hours tracking down service invoices from multiple states and locations. This made it difficult to stay organized and prevent issues when managing maintenance records. 

With Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration, ServiceMaster Restore gets a single billing statement each month with all of its services itemized, making it easy to instantly review and execute payments for its providers through one bill.

Even vendors are pleasantly surprised by the capabilities of the Maintenance Shop Integration empowering companies to manage fleets more efficiently.

“Speaking with one of our main providers, she did a follow-up call, and her concern was how easy it was for her to process the information over to me and that it almost seemed too easy,” Eubanks adds.


Having the ability to compare vendor pricing, find discounts on service and parts, and choose the best fit for its assets directly through Fleetio has been a tremendous advantage for ServiceMaster Restore. 

“Fleetio has a list of the prices including oil changes all the way down to diagnostic procedures. It makes it really easy to look and see who I want to take this vehicle to,” Eubanks says.

Leveraging its large customer base to negotiate discounts on behalf of its customers at national and regional maintenance providers, Fleetio makes significant discounts possible, even for small fleets of 10 to 20 vehicles.

Fleetio also has an easy-to-use Shop Directory that enables companies like ServiceMaster Restore to view providers, services, pricing, contact information, and directions all within its web and mobile apps.


Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration introduces a new standard for fleet maintenance operations and proves that technology can be used to automate one of the most manual processes in fleet management today. Using Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration, ServiceMaster Restore now spends less time managing outsourced maintenance tasks and vendors and more time serving its customers. 

“The Shop Integration is definitely making life so much easier for us,” Eubanks notes.

Whether fleets are outsourcing all maintenance work like ServiceMaster Restore or using a mix of both in-house technicians and outside vendors, most fleets can realize huge time savings and alleviate administrative burden by automating third-party maintenance operations through a seamless integration like Fleetio’s Maintenance Shop Integration.


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