How to Prepare for a Trouble-free Snowplow Season


Trouble-free snowplowing begins with using the best snow equipment on the market. Choosing the best truck, the best tires, and the best snowplow equipment will make a huge difference for the newbie just entering the commercial snow-removal arena.


If you’re planning to do some serious plowing, you will need to get a vehicle that can perform well in all types of snow. But if you’re like most others who plow commercially, the large snowplow trucks require too big an investment. So, what are your next best options? You might consider full-size pickup trucks with four-wheel drive.

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The five favorite HD models in North America are:

  1. Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500.
    These are available with a factory-installed snowplow prep package.
  2. Ford F-250 and F-350.
    These are also available with a factory-installed snowplow prep package.
  3. Toyota Tundra.
    Although technically a half-ton, this truck is still a popular choice.
  4. Nissan Titan XD.
    This truck can be used with most plows available on today’s market.

When considering which is best, the most rugged pickups have a straight axle on the front suspension. Trucks that come with independent suspension offer a great ride, but aren’t nearly as rugged.


When it comes to winter tires, there are several to choose from. See the breakdown of popular winter tires below:

Cooper Tires Discoverer M+S

  • Tire Type: Winter Tire
    “Beyond its deep tread, the Discoverer M+S features strategically placed stud pinholes and a sawtooth center rib and a supple rubber for good traction on snow.”

Bridgestone Blizzak

  • Tire Type: Winter Tire
    “The Blizzak tread has ‘3-D Siping’ as well as a ‘multi-Z pattern’ in the center of the tread, which allows for increased drainage from melted snow and ice—further improving traction in wintery conditions.”

Firestone Winterforce 2

  • Tire Type: Winter Tire
    “The Winterforce 2’s tread is full depth with open shoulder slots, so the tire easily finds grip in slick conditions making easy work of moving melted snow.”

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

  • Tire Type: All-terrain Tire
    “While the G2 is an all-terrain tire, it’s one of those rare tires that manages to balance tread durability with the suppleness needed for extra grip on snowy terrain.”

BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

  • Tire Type: All-terrain Tire
    “While the KO2 is not a dedicated winter tire, it is rated as three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF), which simply means the tire is rated for optimal performance in severe winter weather.”


There are two types of snowplows: the V-plow and the straight blade. A straight-blade plow is more economical than a V-plow but not as easy to maneuver. A V-plow has various functions giving it more options for better use. For example, when the plow is in its V formation, it can easily cut through ice and hard-packed snow.

Obviously, the best plow for commercial use is the V-plow. Just make sure that your pickup can handle the weight of the plow; 8-ft plows can weigh up to 1,000 lbs. If your pickup squats when you lift the plow, there are ways you can solve this problem.


If you’re just starting out, it’s unlikely that you’ll invest in a big flatbed truck with a huge tank of salt solution on the back. But it’s important that you invest in something. Here is a short list of some of the best tailgate salt spreaders available:

  1. Meyer Mate XL
  2. Meyer Baseline
  3. SnowEx

Salt spreaders can make your job of snow removal so much easier by preventing any dangerous buildup of ice during freezing-rain conditions.


With or without a snowplow prep package, you’re going to need some type of suspension spring helper. Over time, the weight of a plow—not to mention the weight of a heavy snowfall—will take its toll on your front suspension. To prevent damage and extend the life of your front suspension, you’d be wise to install helper springs sooner rather than later.

Taking care of front-end squat will also improve tire traction at the back end. Of course, adding a salt spreader will also increase traction, but will add stress to the rear suspension. Fortunately, there are helper springs available for both front and rear.

Here is a list of the different spring assists available:

  • Steel helpers
    There are basically two types of steel helpers that either bolt on or clip to the existing leaf springs. Both are easy to install but come with a limited warranty.
  • Coil assist
    Coil Design Helper Springs are designed to work together with a leaf spring setup. They mount to the U-bolts in the center of the leaf spring and attach to the frame above. Unfortunately, they’re not strong enough to assist a plow truck.
  • Air bag assist
    Airbags were originally used as an alternative suspension to leaf springs. More recently, they have been designed as a load-leveling helper spring. However, they are somewhat vulnerable to corrosion caused by sand and salt and are unable to stabilize heavy loads.
  • Rubber helper springs
    Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) kits use Aeon® hollow rubber springs made from natural rubber that are designed to easily replace the bump stops on trucks, vans, and SUVs. These hollow rubber springs have the ability to:

    • completely level the load by eliminating any sag and squat
    • increase stability by reducing roll and sway
    • smooth out the ride by cushioning road shock
    • easily replace the factory bump stops

These easy-to-install kits come with a lifetime warranty and a customer satisfaction guarantee.


It’s important to invest in the best equipment that you can afford. If you haven’t, there’s still time. As a commercial snow-removal expert, you should know the pitfalls of cutting corners and taking shortcuts. Be the business that is in it to win it. 

And don’t forget. Just because you spent a ton of money on the truck, the plow, and the hopper doesn’t mean you’re fully prepared. You still need to pay attention to your truck’s suspension. After all, the suspension is the foundation of your growing enterprise!

It’s no secret that the hollow rubber springs in a Timbren SES product will give you the best combination of strength, stability, and ride quality. Timbren SES will better prepare you for a trouble-free snowplow season!


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