A Continuum of Mobile Power Solutions


In an environment where mobile power solutions abound, innovations are not just appreciated—they’re expected. As industries evolve, the equipment and tools they rely upon must rise to meet new challenges, which is especially true for the utility and construction sectors. When considering the company’s history of pioneering technological advancements in shaft-driven, auxiliary-powered, hydraulically-driven, and electrically-powered mobile solutions, it’s easy to see why many consider Vanair the preeminent leader in its field. 


In 1972 Vanair Manufacturing began as Sullair PTO, a division of Sullair Corporation, and created the mounted 185 cfm underdeck rotary screw air compressor. Its revolutionary design was the first to integrate the components of an engine-driven tow-behind rotary screw compressor onto a truck’s frame, utilizing the truck’s engine to drive the compressor via the vehicle’s power take-off (PTO). The advantages impacted the mobile power industry by freeing up the truck’s hitch, saving weight, increasing valuable bed space, reducing maintenance/insurance costs, and increasing mobility.

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“We were the first company to develop and install a PTO-driven underdeck air compressor system, under a medium-duty chassis,” says John Dunn, strategic manager of Underdeck & Utility for Vanair. “We’ve consistently maintained a leadership position with underdeck systems and have provided underdeck solutions to most of the major utility fleets, utility contractors, municipalities, and DOT organizations.” 


In 2009 Vanair acquired Air N Arc Inc., the originators of the ALL-IN-ONE Power System. Air N Arc addressed industry pain points of having to carry ancillary equipment. Air N Arc equipment freed up bed space, reduced weight, decreased maintenance costs, and gave access to power resources that allowed users to be ready for anything.

The original Air N Arc combination packages offered four forms of power—a welder, generator, air compressor, and DC battery booster. The ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems were designed to mount into standard service bodies without body modification, allowing easy access to controls and utilities. 


Vanair’s next innovation was the Air N Arc 300 system, which came in gas and diesel engine powered versions. The Air N Arc 300 combined five forms of power—a rotary screw on-demand air compressor, 7kW generator, 300-amp welder, battery booster, and battery charger. 

Vanair’s next ALL-IN-ONE offering was the even lighter-weight, lower maintenance Air N Arc 300H hydraulic-driven unit—designed to be powered by the truck’s existing hydraulic system. Users could tap into the truck’s hydraulic power source, eliminating the need for additional engines. This unit would diminish costs, reduce weight, decrease noise, and simplify installation.

The Air N Arc 300H ALL-IN-ONE Power System featured the innovation of being hydraulically driven, while offering the same combined five forms of power of the Air N Arc 300 gas and diesel engine drive systems, including a 40 cfm rotary screw air compressor, 300-amp welder, 300-amp, 12V battery charger, 12V and 24V battery booster, and 7kW generator. 


Vanair’s Air N Arc I-300 ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems provide up to six forms of power in one compact machine. Featuring a welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster, battery charger, and hydraulic output, the Air N Arc I-300 line provides everything you need on the back of your truck.

“By combining up to six forms of power in one, auxiliary power solutions help users transport a fully-functioning workshop wherever it’s needed,” says Randy Pegg, strategic account manager for Vanair. “The mobility and self-contained nature of the system greatly enhances efficiency, productivity, and convenience for professionals in various industries.”

Pegg points out that construction sites often require a wide range of tools and equipment, but having an ALL-IN-ONE package eliminates the need for multiple machines and streamlines operations, saving time and increasing productivity.


The combination of the Vanair’s Air N Arc 330 Diesel ALL-IN-ONE and the Lincoln Welder brings together the leading manufacturer and innovator of Mobile Power Solutions with Lincoln Electric. The strategic collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to bring the next generation of Air N Arc ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems to the marketplace. 

The Air N Arc 330 Diesel ALL-IN-ONE with Lincoln Welder includes a true 60 cfm rotary screw compressor, 10kW generator, 12V, 24V, and 48V battery charge and boost options, and a 330-amp Lincoln Electric Welder.

“The Air N Arc 330 Diesel ALL-IN-ONE with the Lincoln welder is a remarkable addition to our product line for several reasons,” Pegg comments. “It represents our Next Generation of multifunction machines, taking the capabilities of the Air N Arc to new heights and fully integrating a 330-amp welder with Chopper Technology, making it the most powerful multifunction product in the marketplace.”

Vanair’s PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System
Vanair’s PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System has been designed to seamlessly integrate beneath the vehicle chassis, opening cargo space while enhancing overall efficiency and streamlining six independent machines into a single unit with one footprint.


From the start, Vanair’s engineering expertise and innovative spirit have enabled it to establish an entire branded ecosystem of Mobile Power Solutions.

“Vanair’s new Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE design will allow fleet customers to have one centralized, compact, 6-Power System mounted under the body and on a chassis,” emphasizes Dunn. “This system saves a tremendous amount of space.” 

The Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System is a game-changing innovation that redefines power accessibility for professionals.

“The PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck ALL-IN-ONE Power System has been ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate beneath the vehicle chassis, opening cargo space while enhancing overall efficiency,” Dunn continues. He notes that the system can save users more than 2,000 lbs in excess weight. “The ALL-IN-ONE keeps the chassis length short and the truck as maneuverable as possible. The new design uses our new SansGear belt drive for the hydraulic system, which is quieter, and provides more torque than traditional gear-box designs.”

EPEQ Electrified Power Equipment
The EPEQ Electrified Power Equipment product line is a comprehensive, patent-pending, end-to-end system that offers 100% of the components needed for a complete green technology system.


In anticipation of the coming revolution in mobile electric power, Vanair began its work years in advance. The EPEQ Electrified Power Equipment line is the result of years of customer feedback and astute attention to market factors. The EPEQ product line is a comprehensive, patent-pending, end-to-end system offering 100% of the components needed for a complete green technology system.

Chip Jones, strategic manager of Electrified Products for Vanair, says, “The initial thought was that EPEQ would cater to EV users and traditional customers using fuel-operated systems looking to make the switch to electric.”  

Vanair was surprised by the rapid adoption among the many service companies that are adding vans and enclosed service bodies to their fleets. EPEQ provides users to access up to 45 cfm of battery-driven air compressor power. No exhaust fumes, no heat, and far less noise.

“EPEQ’s Idle Management program allows the operator to turn the vehicle off when it sits idle for a set period of time, based on a customer determined set of criteria,” adds Jones. “We can tell the chassis to turn off after a set time of idle or when cab temperature parameters are met—and turn back on when batteries get low, or if there’s a need for engine power.”  

Jones explains that the EPEQ also provides cab HVAC via the chassis OEM heat and air controls, meaning users can keep the cab comfortable while the chassis is turned off. “This reduction of chassis operation also leads to an immediate savings in fuel, maintenance, ghost miles, and chassis turnover. All EPEQ products are scalable, allowing the customer to build an EPEQ ecosystem to their needs.”


As industries evolve, the need for reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly power solutions will intensify.

“Vanair’s innovations in green technologies, safety, and customization options make it a top choice for businesses seeking sustainable mobile power solutions,” says Sara Tilden, vice president of marketing for Vanair.

Tilden asserts that, in a world where sustainability and efficiency are not buzzwords but essential criteria for success, Vanair offers a beacon of hope. By investing in such solutions, businesses are not only optimizing their operations but contributing to a brighter, greener future. “This dedication translates into a relentless pursuit of refinement, as well as the introduction of cutting-edge solutions and pioneering advancements.”


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