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Maintenance Got You Down?


Fleet from sureEcosystem

Maintaining a fleet isn’t an easy job. A down vehicle costs time, money, and might cause headaches. Some fleets still rely on tried and true pen and paper to track fleet maintenance—or tried and true Microsoft Excel. However, when it comes to optimizing your fleet records and making sure you get the most out of each vehicle, another way might prove more helpful and less time consuming.

Fleet from sureEcosystem is a complete maintenance software focused on improving business operations with efficient management, tracking, and reporting on fleet maintenance, repair costs, and fuel purchases. Drivers use the Fleet mobile app to complete eDVIRs, pre- and post-trip inspections, report issues, report accidents, input fuel purchases, and initiate work orders.

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Fleet creates a direct line of communication between you and your drivers, eliminating paper forms and allowing you to stay on top of your fleet maintenance. Drivers use the Fleet mobile app to complete daily vehicle inspections, report issues, and record fuel purchase information. The software immediately alerts fleet managers when an issue is reported so that it can be properly addressed. Fleet offers complete work order management to create and assign work orders, track current status, and stay on top of hours of labor, total cost, and downtime.


Maybe eDVIRs aren’t required on some or all vehicles, but wouldn’t it be nice for drivers or technicians operating your vehicles to check out the vehicle and their tools prior to each shift? Obviously, we all hope our drivers do a walk around inspection, and we hope that they leave the shop or start their day with the tools required to perform the jobs they will encounter during their shift. sureEcosystem Fleet accomplishes this and much more, as well as ensures a daily record and accountability.

As a driver begins their shift they perform an inspection completely customized by you. sureEcosystem provides a template from which to work with many questions already available for you to use in building your inspection. Additionally, you can add other questions. Therefore in addition to checking the oil or the tire pressure, your drivers can also check to make sure that specific items are on the vehicle or in the vehicle needed to perform their work or ensure that things such as insurance cards are in place. Track deficiencies, ensure vehicles are restocked, set alerts, or generate work orders into your maintenance tracking system based on your preferences tied to the specific questions used in your company. Many other types of inspections can also be performed including vehicle end-of-shift check in and appearance inspections.

All these inspections are used to build reports that let you know what’s going on with your fleet and your business as well as which employees are working in accordance with company policy.


sureEcosystem also tracks all the maintenance performed on your vehicles—whether it is in your own shop or outside shops—allowing you to keep track of the costs of maintaining individual vehicles. Work performed on vehicles is tracked using work orders in sureEcosystem that can be assigned to internal technicians, external shops, or others.

Customizable thresholds allow you to maintain, inspect, and replace vehicle components on a regular schedule defined by the fleet manager. This could mean that you want to perform preventive maintenance on different schedules for different vehicles or to check brakes, tires, or other items at defined intervals. sureEcosystem even lets you track maintenance thresholds for the auxiliary equipment attached to your truck or specific vocational bodies such as tankers, tool bodies, ambulances, tow trucks, tree service equipment, and specialized vehicle components for many other industries.

For those finding that Excel no longer meets their needs or that their current maintenance tracking system seems a little outdated, perhaps it’s time for a new system. sureEcosystem offers its Fleet maintenance system as a free trial, and those interested in the system can access the trial from the website listed below. Demos are offered with sureEcosystem specialists that allow potential users to learn more about how to best use Fleet with your specific business operations.


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