It’s Easy to Say ‘Quality.’ It’s Harder to Deliver It.


Dolese Bros Co traces its roots to the days before statehood of its home in Oklahoma. Originally established to furnish quarried rock for railroad construction, Dolese has since developed into a full-service construction supply and material operation, employing more than 1,000 people in 70 facilities across two states.

Dolese operates more than 45 ready mix plants, 15 aggregate facilities, a block plant, and a masonry supply warehouse. The company produces not only concrete, sand, crushed stone, and concrete block product, but also new, unusual, and unprecedented concrete mixes. Dolese provides customers with innovative solutions that help them build homes, communities, and infrastructure.

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These customers rely on Dolese to deliver the highest quality products and to deliver them on time. Dolese’s use of advanced technology such as central dispatch hubs, global positioning systems, and automated loading systems help provide timely truck deliveries.


Dolese operates approximately 300 transit mixer trucks to deliver its product, driving through a mixture of on-highway and city streets and unimproved/dirt jobsites. Because delivering concrete and gravel products under challenging conditions requires rugged, dependable equipment, the company’s Peterbilt trucks are equipped with Hendrickson HAULMAAX® heavy-duty rubber rear suspensions.

The HAULMAAX suspension is designed to provide lightweight, rugged durability, proving ideal for Dolese’s truck application. Suspension weight is reduced for greater payloads and improved durability through innovative design, higher strength materials, and advanced manufacturing methods.


In 1926, Hendrickson introduced the first tandem truck suspension, which mounted the axles on each end of an equalizing beam. This “walking beam” design distributed the truck’s load evenly between the two rear axles, improving traction and greatly reducing the effects of bumps and potholes in the road. The walking beam soon gained widespread acceptance among the industry’s new 6×4 “six wheeler” trucks, which allowed more payload. The HAULMAAX® suspension is a technologically-evolved version of this original walking beam design.

Proven with extensive vehicle durability and laboratory testing, Hendrickson products must also be proven in demanding, real-life operating environments. Field evaluation units are part of the new product development process as well as continuous improvement in current products. Hendrickson’s engineering team continually evaluates the component technology within its suspension designs through customer feedback and field testing. While the HAULMAAX Progressive Load Spring was originally introduced for several specialty applications, the solution proved to be applicable to most customer applications. Partnering with Dolese to field test these new suspension components was an ideal choice for Hendrickson. The effective results of the field testing led Hendrickson to release the Progressive Load Spring in all OEM HAULMAAX production suspensions as a product enhancement.

The updated HAULMAAX spring system adjusts more easily to the load for an enhanced combination of empty-ride quality and loaded stability. Combined with extra wide bolster spring centers, the updated progressive load springs provide exceptional stability for demanding applications like Dolese’s transit mixers.


A few years later, Hendrickson partnered again with Dolese to field test TRAXX ROD® heavy- and severe-duty torque rods in its HAULMAAX suspensions. The new design featured a fabricated rod body to work in conjunction with proprietary bushings to better accommodate heavy loads and energy absorption from high articulation and side load events. Dolese’s mixer truck applications and operating environments were once again ideal for field testing. After a year of testing, Dolese’s visual inspection found no evidence of lateral bushing movement. Dolese expects the TRAXX ROD to outlast previous torque rods by two to three times more, as well as significant savings on downtime and parts replacement costs.

TRAXX ROD recently launched in the aftermarket and will soon be available in OEM production on select Hendrickson heavy-duty suspensions.


As Hendrickson and Dolese both provide durable materials that stand the test of time, Hendrickson found the partnership and collaboration to be invaluable for continued success. Both Dolese and Hendrickson products are backed by rigorous testing of advanced technology to ensure long-lasting quality. Each company draws expertise from more than 100 years of experience as they continue to innovate within their industries.


Dolese Bros Co remains focused on the same principles that have guided the company for more than 100 years—a dedication to service and quality at a fair price. Founded in the earliest days of Oklahoma’s statehood, Dolese Bros Co has more than 100 years of experience transforming the state’s raw rock into roads, bridges, skyscrapers, and foundations throughout Oklahoma and Louisiana. Find out more about Dolese, visit

Hendrickson’s legacy embodies more than 100 years as the leading innovator and manufacturer of suspension systems and components for the global heavy-duty vehicle industry. The company commits to serving the transportation industry with innovative products that help improve customer productivity and profitability. Find out more about Hendrickson, visit


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