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Cargo Organizers

Equipping work trucks with the necessary tools for commercial use requires heavy-duty products designed to be both functional and safe while creating organization and security. Cargo organizers specially designed to fit in the truck bed are one of the best solutions to help contractors and other workers optimize their work time. The use of high-quality truck bed storage systems to help increase the functionality and security of the commercial trucks while making access to tools more convenient is a new product category that is useful for any worker with a pickup truck. When productivity is increased, sales are ultimately increased as a result.


Commercial workers require heavy-duty products when selecting cargo organizers because demanding work routines necessitate quality, durability, and efficiency. Features such as two tough sliding drawers designed to fit the full width of full-size and compact pickup trucks with lock security make the StorMaster Combo from LTA Manufacturing a great cargo management solution for contractors seeking to make the most of the available room in their truck bed. Available with the LoadMaster Standard Duty (SD) sliding tray, StorMaster Combo drawers extend fully from the truck bed to make accessing tools and other necessary workplace items hassle-free and convenient. The drawers fit beneath the 57-inch-wide sliding tray and come equipped with removable dividers that can be used to create smaller or larger compartments within the drawers to make organization even easier. Tools and other items will not slide around the drawers during transport, and the dividers keep items from potentially breaking in transit. Contractors can be certain that whatever they store in the drawers will be safe and protected.

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LoadMaster sliding trays glide easily to bring heavy tools such as shop vacuums, power saws, toolboxes, and more to the individual, reducing the risk of potential injury.


No-drill installation makes the StorMaster Combo an excellent option for contractors because the unit can easily be transferred between trucks. Contractors can feel confident knowing that the StorMaster Combo is easily transferred from truck to truck when fleets upgrade to new model year pickups. LTA Manufacturing LLC upholds the uncompromising quality of its StorMaster Combo and guarantees that the easy no-drill installation using custom no-drill installation brackets is simple to use while still providing the necessary strength and durability workers need on the job.

“At LTA Manufacturing LLC, we stand behind the quality of our products, and we firmly believe that the StorMaster Combo is the best cargo management solution on the market, especially for the price. This unit organizes tools and other equipment while keeping cargo safe and secure,” says Matt Blais, vice president of sales and marketing for LTA Manufacturing LLC. “The high-quality construction and optional no-drill installation feature make the StorMaster Combo a go-to item for contractors and workers looking for increased organization, as well as convenient access to their tools.”

Comprised of High Density Polyethylene (HDP), a plastic with a large strength-to-density ratio, the StorMaster drawers are available for most full- and mid-size pickup trucks. The drawers feature 3.6 cubic feet of room in a full-size 5-ft bed, 4.3 cubic feet in a full-size 6-ft bed, 3.1 cubic feet in a mid-size 5-ft bed, and 3.8 cubic feet in a mid-size 6-ft bed. Tool belts, extension cords, safety glasses, hearing and lung protection products, writing utensils, tape, and more fit conveniently within the StorMaster and can be separated using the included dividers to allow workers to find what they need when they need it.


Another in-bed cargo management solution from LTA Manufacturing LLC is the LoadMaster product line. Three separate LoadMaster products are available, offering a solution for customers to choose which product best suits their independent needs. LoadMaster sliding trays glide easily to bring heavy tools such as shop vacuums, power saws, toolboxes, and more to the individual, reducing the risk of potential injury. Two of the three products, the LoadMaster Composite (CP) and the LoadMaster SD, include optional no-drill installation, a feature that allows for two different weight-bearing capacities, and both have the ability to transfer the unit easily from truck to truck. The LoadMaster CP and SD products roll on ball bearings inside laser-cut CNC bent steel tracks. LoadMaster HD uses additional steel angle iron reinforcement and additional ball bearings to allow the heavy-duty sliding tray to glide easily in and out of the bed of the truck.

“The LoadMaster is a useful line of products for pickup truck drivers, especially if they’re using their pickups for work,” says Rich Galley of County Toppers, a Kansas City-based truck accessories store. “We have customers looking for sliding trays all of the time, and we direct them to the LoadMaster. For something like that, it’s the best product out there. Competitive pricing, durability, and styling make it a very attractive product to our customers. We trust it so much that our sales members use the LoadMaster in their own personal pickups.”


“Worksite accidents and the cost of those injuries are topics we are very aware of at LTA Manufacturing,” Blais says. “The LoadMaster was designed to reduce potential injuries and physical fatigue associated with climbing in and out of the truck bed throughout the work day. It’s easy to use, convenient, and has the added benefit of preventing injury. Customers also get to choose and customize the system which works best for them.”

LoadMaster CP and SD both have an 800-lb weight capacity with no-drill installation and a 1,000-lb weight capacity with drill installation. No-drill installation takes just 30 minutes and drill installation requires about an hour to install. All parts required to perform a drill installation are included with the sliding tray. A powder-coated steel crossbar and powder-coated steel brackets are included for no-drill installation. The steel brackets attach from the front of the LoadMaster to the vehicle’s factory tie-downs. As the StorMaster is solely no-drill, this is a standard feature whereas no-drill installation is option in the LoadMaster CP and SD.


The CP has an all fiberglass deck, is 20% lighter than the SD, and is a solid one-piece tray that includes side rails. LoadMaster SD bed systems have laser cut steel side rails, an optional front bulkhead to protect the cab window, a dual latching system, plywood decking covered in all-weather material, and a five-year limited warranty. LTA’s LoadMaster Heavy Duty (HD) boasts a 1,200-lb weight capacity, a reinforced track system, 3½-inch steel tube side rails, front bulkhead, a steel diamond tread deck coated in rugged spray-on bed liner material, and a five-year limited warranty. The front bulkhead option prevents materials on the LoadMaster from breaking the rear cab window and from falling behind the tray into the space behind the cab.

“The quality of the products and the way the company upholds their products with their warranties is what sells the StorMaster Combo and the LoadMaster line,” says Bruce Hunter of DFW Camper Corral, a North Texas-based truck accessories store. “As a company, they’re great to do business with because they stand behind their products and do everything they can to keep their customers happy. LTA Manufacturing is innovative and offers outstanding products with great prices. They offer great service and delivery times because they respect the needs of their customers.”


LTA Manufacturing offers the WT Work Top for commercial and fleet drivers as well. Designed to complement the working lifestyle of pickup drivers, as well as the use of the StorMaster Combo and LoadMaster sliding trays, the WT Work Top features 40% thicker fiberglass than other tops available in the company’s product line. The Nida-Core reinforced roof has a weight capacity of 500 lbs. Each WT is painted to match the individual trucks, has a recessed rear door with dual locking T-handles, and oversize side cargo doors. All doors are equipped with rain channels. The WT uses 12V lighting to allow for greater visibility within the enclosed truck bed.


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