Work trucks require functional storage systems that can withstand consistent, heavy-duty use, while keeping tools and other gear organized and secure. Truck bed cargo organizers are among the best solutions for helping contractors stay job-ready for maximized productivity. High-quality truck bed storage systems can help increase work truck functionality and security, as well as provide quick, convenient access to tools you use the most.


The best cargo storage units endure punishing work routines and manage your tools and equipment with a number of features, including compartments and tie-down systems. When considering cargo storage units, look for a preferred solution that can safely transport your tools and equipment, while keeping valuable items out of sight. One such cargo storage unit is the Pickup Vault™—a heavy-duty, lockable, two-drawer system offered by A.R.E. Accessories. The Pickup Vault is a versatile truck bed system offering organized, out-of-sight storage with two lockable compartments lined with a marine-grade carpet that resists stains, mold, and mildew.
The unit has two drawers that extend the length of the truck bed. Adjustable dividers keep contents organized and in place. With additional storage side compartments and an MDO surface that will support 2,000 lbs of additional weight on top, the Pickup Vault is a highly durable option for cargo storage. Features such as a bulb seal and folding compression locks, which keep the elements out of the Pickup Vault while keeping necessary equipment securely in the drawers, are good attributes to look for in a cargo storage unit.
Jose Reyna, A.R.E.’s national fleet and commercial sales manager, says, “The Pickup Vault is one of the best ways to expand storage capability and keep cargo secure and accessible. With its heavy-duty construction, tie-down system, and additional side storage, this unit can handle complex storage needs, as well as extreme weight requirements, while making access convenient for the user.”

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Another feature you should keep in mind when looking at products for cargo storage is fatigue reduction. Reducing worker fatigue will not only increase productivity, it will increase safety. Take the CargoGlide® system, for instance. This unit is designed to reduce driver fatigue and risk of injury by bringing cargo to the user on a sliding tray. CargoGlide bed units have extensions that range from 70 percent to 100 percent of the truck bed length.
When considering a product that slides out from the truck bed, it’s essential to consider the product’s construction. Ask questions about the product: How durable is it? From what materials is it constructed? How well does it hold up over multiple uses? The CargoGlide, which is constructed of a strong steel frame and side-thrust roller bearings, can withstand repeated use.
“The CargoGlide can eliminate the physical fatigue and potential injury that goes with climbing into the truck bed for tools multiple times throughout the day,” Reyna explains. “Fleet managers prefer this product for its convenience, ease of use, and potential to reduce worksite injuries and the associated cost.”
Featured Image: CargoGlide® system on a Ford F-150.
Above: HD Series truck cap on a Toyota Tacoma.


Just as essential as selecting effective truck bed storage is choosing a secure and durable truck cap to contain it all. The correct truck cap is the foundation for protecting your equipment investment. Top-quality truck caps are available in aluminum and fiberglass constructions that can withstand the weight and repeated use associated with commercial contractors. Both are good choices that can offer protection for tools and hold up to daily on-the-job use. Premium aluminum truck cap designs offer lockable cargo storage and a variety of add-on options to improve the utility of work trucks.
One such high-quality aluminum option is A.R.E.’s Deluxe Commercial Unit (DCU). The DCU has several features you should look for in a cap, including a fully-welded aluminum inner structure offering more than 200 options, a variety of door and window configurations, toolboxes, custom ladder racks, interior lighting and power box options, and heavy-duty lock cylinders featuring BOLT® one-key lock technology.
Fiberglass caps can be just as durable as their aluminum counterparts, so don’t feel locked into one option. A few features you should look for in a fiberglass cap are:

  • Optional additions, such as toolboxes and roof racks to meet exact job requirements
  • Heavy-duty, durable construction and materials, such as interior aluminum support framework that reinforces a sturdy outer construction
  • Optional side and rear door locks, such as aluminum inserts with foldable t-handles featuring BOLT one-key lock technology

A.R.E.’s HD Series fiberglass truck caps offer these features and more. According to Reyna, “Fiberglass HD Series caps provide a clean look with a high-impact finish, as well as secure toolboxes and roof racks for when you need to protect expensive tools on the jobsite.”
Safety, security, and fatigue reduction are significant selling points of a successful work truck cap or cover.


For those of you who frequently use ladders in your day-to-day workload, there are ladder racks that will almost certainly make loading and unloading your ladder safer and easier, while saving storage space. A.R.E.’s AluRack® is a 100-percent aluminum roof-mounted rack. It features an over-the-cab design and has a rear roller crossbar for easy material handling and removal.
Another product for comparison is the Prime Design locking ladder rack. This product can go on both fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and offers a lock feature for single and double ladder configurations, as well as a drop-down design that simplifies loading and unloading. You should look for these types of features when making your first, or next, ladder rack purchase.
When sussing out cargo storage units, be on the lookout for the following:

  • Fatigue reducing and safety features
  • Durable construction materials
  • Longevity and low maintenance


A.R.E. Accessories, a Truck Hero, Inc. company, began manufacturing aluminum frame truck caps in 1969 and has become a leading manufacturer of fiberglass truck caps and hard tonneau covers. At its ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing facilities, A.R.E.’s 670 employees create the products that are sold through a network of more than 675 independent, authorized dealers. Find out more, call 330.830.7800 or visit


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