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Northwest Power Systems, an Idaho-based electric utility company, sells and services backup power systems. Northwest needed a company truck equipped with toolboxes/storage units that protect equipment from severe weather. Northwest needed a storage unit that increased the storage space in an existing pickup truck. In fact, there were multiple problems needing solutions:

  1. The company vehicles lacked space for equipment.
  2. Tools were impacted by the elements traveling from site to site.
  3. The company wanted more storage and organization without purchasing a larger vehicle.

Northwest decided on a truck storage unit manufacturer that built a unit designed to include a variety of compartments for maximum storage and organization in any vehicle.

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The specifics of the Northwest unit included a safety screen, multi-level platforms, two narrow tool racks, fold-down gates, three full-extension locking drawers, and mesh partitions. It was also equipped with a power-drive, allowing operation of the unit by simply flipping the switch.

The back seats in the cab of the truck were removed to make room for three custom drawer units, creating easy access to paperwork and smaller hand-held tools.


Northwest Power Systems chose Extendobed to design its custom in-truck storage system. Mark Adams of Northwest Power Systems was able to relay exactly what his company needed. “Our Extendobed was built at my request because we needed something with more storage space.” After getting down to the basic needs, Extendobed further customized the unit to maximize storage space for Mark, both in his truck bed and in the back seat of his vehicle. “This unit works great in keeping our tools protected from the weather, and it adds a ton of storage to our truck.”

Extendobed designs every piece of equipment to have its own storage compartment; this was a deciding factor for Mark when he chose Extendobed. In the past, Northwest Power Systems lost expensive equipment due to weather or improperly secured tools, making compartments and partitions a crucial part of his design. “We repair power generation equipment across four states, putting our equipment through snow, rain, hail, and high heat. We need to know that our tools will be working, easy to get to, and ready to go when we arrive onsite. One of the best things about the Extendobed is that it allows us to have a pickup-sized truck without losing any storage space for tools.”


Extendobed created and patented the first sliding truck bed in 1987; the company has served the professional community for more than 30 years. All Extendobed units are assembled with steel frames, high-capacity roller bearings, and heavy-duty aluminum, allowing for capacities ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 lbs. Most units extend over 100%—reaching into the back of the truck just got a whole lot easier.

Units are custom-built to meet the specifications of the customer and to fit securely in their vehicle. Adding an Extendobed to a work vehicle saves time and is safer for employees when accessing tools onsite. Each unit can be designed to have an individual slideout or side-by-side slideouts that are powder-coated and bullet-lined for durability.


As a contractor, traveling with tools and equipment is often required. Between the office, paperwork, and appointments, there are a lot of things to juggle on the job. One of the most important aspects of business organization starts with a work vehicle.

Although commercial vehicles are seen as transportation from place to place, they are actually a key element of success. Contractors are constantly on the go and many work right out of their vehicles. Work trucks or vans are one of a business’ biggest financial investments, and ensuring that it is well-organized will immensely benefit any contractor. Extendobed offers a solution to the inefficiency that contractors face accessing, moving, and organizing tools and materials at the jobsite.


Extendobed currently offers fully-customizable solutions for industries including fire, police, industrial, fleet, sportsman, farriers, and agriculture. Prior to building any unit, the team at Extendobed collects a client’s specifications, and with those, designs the best solution.

Each Extendobed is assembled from the bottom up; starting with an all-steel, powder-coated frame and deck, finishing with a bullet-lined carrier. Depending on the location or preference, the new unit is installed directly into a vehicle or crate-shipped to an address or a local dealer for installation.


Extendobed makes the effort to ensure its product is rugged, durable, and meets the professional demands of everyday use. Extendobed is proud that its product is used in thousands of locations around the world and knows that it helps assist in safety and saving time and money. Extendobed is committed to continued excellence in the design and fabrication to ensure every unit that leaves the facility will meet customers’ needs for many years to come. In fact, many Extendobed units, including the first ones built in 1987, are still in service today, meeting heavy demands placed on them by owners.

Extendobed units help accomplish more by increasing the capacity of a vehicle, improving loading and unloading efficiency, and increasing safety whether operating by hand or forklift. The uses for an Extendobed are limitless.


A new work vehicle is a large expense that doesn’t always pay off, and toolboxes don’t last like they did in the past. Extendobed is a high-quality investment that stands the test of time. Jim Jameson, owner of The Gunfitter, purchased his first Extendobed in the early ‘90s. He recently placed his second order with Extendobed, sharing some information about his first unit. “This Extendobed unit has traveled over 1.4 million miles in 11 different truck beds since I originally purchased it.” Not only are the units simple to transfer from vehicle to vehicle, but they come with a 20-year limited warranty.


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