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What is your favorite part of your job? The smile on your customer’s face when you take care of the problem that’s kept them up at night for weeks? The feeling of accomplishment after finishing a challenging job that’s kept your focus for days on end? Or maybe it’s seeing your balance after that direct deposit drops?

It’s likely you enjoy all three of the above aspects of your job, and there are likely other aspects you would also add to your list of favorites. Yet one thing most folks can agree on about their jobs is that no one particularly loves the mundane tasks of the jobsite. Stretching to the back of the truck bed in reach of a tool, climbing into the cargo area of the work van because you forgot something on your initial trip to the job, loading up your cargo again and again to ensure it’s safe on the road—these are the things no one gets excited about. Yet these tasks are performed on a regular basis.

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But one brand is working to make the mundane more exciting and less time-consuming.


Comtruk© is a brand that manufactures light-duty bodies. The company started in Australia and is steadily making its way here to the States. Comtruk bodies are built to maximize productivity and efficiency, while remaining durable and cost efficient. Below is a rundown of all you need to know about Comtruk’s Tri-Gate™ bed.

Comtruk’s Tri-Gate bed is a load management system that delivers. The Tri-Gate bed helps fleets save money, reduce overheads, improve productivity, improve safety, increase fuel efficiency, and improve brand image.

This is a load management system that delivers. The Tri-Gate bed helps fleets save money, reduce overheads, improve productivity, improve safety, increase fuel efficiency, and improve brand image. Click to Tweet

Through innovative design, the Comtruk Tri-Gate bed is changing the way pickups and chassis cabs are used in commercial applications. With a tailgate and side gates that can be opened or completely removed, the Tri-Gate allows for total access to the load space.

Tri-Gate beds were designed to meet commercial cargo management needs. The system offers hassle-free loading and hauling of gear, freight, merchandise, tools, or other cargo the job demands. Made from industrial grade aluminum, Tri-Gate beds are strong and durable yet light in weight. With more flat floor space than a traditional pickup bed, Tri-Gate beds hold a higher volume of load for fewer trips to the jobsite.


The Tri-Gate bed fitted to a chassis cab cutaway can haul heavy loads while staying nimble to navigate urban centers and parking lots.

The drop-side gates allow for loading and unloading of freight from the curb side. The gates easily open and they can be removed in seconds to transform the Tri-Gate bed to a flatbed, accommodating larger cargo. Additionally, gates can be lowered to 90 or 180 degrees. When locked in at 90 degrees, the bed converts to a mobile work center; just bolt on a saw and get to work.

The front end of the Tri-Gate bed features an alloy rack bar that extends above the cabin roof, suitable to sit loads against or tie loads on top. Like the bed itself, the rack bar features uni-strut channels along the inside and outside of the bar allowing for customizing the location of eye-bolts or other fixings.


Tri-Gate bed adapts to the job or industry. Configure it to carry ladders, water tanks, timber, tools, and whatever else your job requires. With efficiency and safety built-in, employees can do more with less effort.

Attach accessories along the Tri-Gate bed’s heavy-duty uni-strut channels located:

  • top side and underside of the bed’s floor
  • the entire perimeter of the bed
  • along the inside length of the operable gates
  • outside and inside the rack bars


Reduce the risk of loading-related injuries with the Tri-Gate bed’s worker-friendly features. Easier access to the bed plus integrated steps and handles means easier loading and load securing. Repeatable loading/unloading processes with the Tri-Gate bed are perfect for documented Standard Operating Procedures.

With the Tri-Gate bed’s side and tailgates folded down to 90 or 180 degrees, workers have better access to the bed for safer loading and unloading. And rubber strips in the bed floor reduce sliding, regardless of cargo size or shape. Additionally, the front rack’s inside channel can hold stainless steel safety mesh.

Owners can also opt for rear sensors and reverse cameras that deliver an even higher level of safety for their employees and company assets.


Tested on the road and on the worksite, the Tri-Gate bed has what it takes to get the job done. Constructed from 6000 series aluminum alloy extrusions, durable aluminum die cast, and automotive grade plastic moldings, Tri-Gate is strong, lightweight, and corrosion resistant.

Engineered, tested, and validated to meet global automotive standards, the Tri-Gate bed performed well in accelerated tests simulating more than 1,200 miles of extreme off-road conditions and 59,000 miles of normal driving conditions.


A commercial vehicle’s purpose is to work hard, but it should also promote a company’s brand in the community. The Tri-Gate bed accepts vinyl wraps and business signage and delivers some heavy-lifting company promotion.

The Tri-Gate bed comes standard in durable, great looking silver or black hammertone powder coat finishes framed by low gloss textured black plastics. Options for white powder coat or paint finish are available on request. These coatings work hard and make your brand look professional.


Finally, the Tri-Gate bed delivers bottom-line benefits through time savings gained from efficiency, safety, and repeatable processes, not to mention the fuel savings of a light-weight commercial bed and strength and durability of industrial-grade aluminum.

With all the benefits of a Tri-Gate, owners could see significant benefits in efficiency and costs, and employees and technicians will experience better load carrying and safer operations while on the job. Those mundane tasks will become quicker to perform and, perhaps, even more enjoyable.

Allow the Comtruk Tri-Gate bed to change your fleet for the better.

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Comtruk launched in 1978 in Australia as a pioneer of the Australian “ute tray.” Today the brand is blazing a trail for the future with the Tri-Gate commercial bed and Sport Utility Bed. Given the enthusiastic hard-working, hard-playing nature of Australians and Americans, Comtruk is a fit for both countries. Find out more, visit

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