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Broadcast Service Company Provides Live Coverage Using Fleetio



PSSI Global began providing television broadcasting services with a single satellite production truck in 1979. Four decades later, the company has dramatically increased, serving various media outlets and operating more than a dozen varieties of vehicles and equipment.

With a fleet totaling more than 80 assets, PSSI Global relies on Fleetio Manage as its centralized database for its fleet data.

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Using its fleet satellite uplink trucks, PSSI Global provides broadcast services around the world. The fleet travels to various venues and relays encrypted video feeds directly to its clients for news, sports, special events, and entertainment shows such as NASCAR, WWE, and the Golf Channel. 

As the company grew its fleet, it sought a fleet management software that was multifunctional, enabled updates from various stakeholders, and capable of storing records of vital information in real time. 

“We’ve grown very quickly and needed a fleet management solution that could keep up,” Matt Huennekens, PSSI Global Uplink engineer and fleet maintenance coordinator, says. 

Fleetio, a fleet management and maintenance software provider, provides the company’s engineers a platform to communicate and update asset information immediately from anywhere in the field. Engineers use Fleetio’s mobile app, Fleetio Go, in order to update any information related to the asset, which is transmitted to the web-based database for administrators to access. 

This has proven to be a tremendous advantage to reduce the time spent on relaying information and makes it easier for Huennekens to effectively manage his fleet.

Prior to Fleetio, PSSI Global used Excel spreadsheets to track vehicle maintenance and other data. The company had to manually enter its data and keep notes on every nuance. The process was slow, unorganized, and as the company grew it was not a sustainable system, especially for regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance. 

With Fleetio, the company is able to pull in real-time data on trucks, generators, tractors, and all sorts of equipment in one simple and easy-to-use interface. Now, the team can easily review records and the history of each asset and troubleshoot issues in a timely manner. 


Once an issue is reported, the company is able to immediately send emails and assign tasks to the repair team in a timely manner. This process can prevent potentially larger issues that could impact the company. 

“Fleetio is a platform for delegation, and I can see the efficiencies that are provided,” Huennekens says. 


Due to trucking regulations, PSSI Global also required a solution that would keep it in compliance with electronic logging device (ELD) mandates. This brought Fleetio’s KeepTruckin integration into action. 

KeepTruckin is a tracking service that, since day one, has worked to address inefficiencies in trucking, starting with drivers and moving across organizations. In doing so, the brand amassed a massive library of data, including vehicle diagnostics, idle times, and detention times. Leveraging this foundation of granular industry data, KeepTruckin has the opportunity to uncover patterns and efficiencies previously unknown. 

Demand for integrations among fleet software has grown rapidly. The popularity of integrations is primarily due to their ability to eliminate network latency, allowing for data to be quickly transmitted from various touch points into an individual database. Having a centralized database eliminates the need to hunt down information and try to analyze it separately. This provides fleets a tremendous advantage with immersive data visibility that allows managers to be proactive, boosting productivity and reducing costs. 

Fleetio’s integration with KeepTruckin provides mutual customers with a more accurate representation of their fleet’s behavior—including engine diagnostics, location, failed inspection items, and fuel purchase patterns—to keep their trucks on the road and improve their operations. Pulling data from KeepTruckin into Fleetio automatically syncs with a vehicle’s odometers, diagnostic faults and DVIR exceptions, consolidates timely alerts, responsibilities, and full lifecycle cost reporting. With all information in one comprehensive view, fleets can seamlessly identify upcoming vehicle maintenance issues to avoid breakdowns and minimize fuel costs with alerts on hard braking and idling.

In short, Fleetio’s host of integrations provide companies like PSSI Global a one-stop shop for its fleet data.


For PSSI Global, the mileage feature is a great tool for it to determine when to schedule maintenance servicing. These vitals along with the maintenance tracking and reports can be managed within the Fleetio dashboard. 

“The integration works well, and DVIRs flow between the programs seamlessly to maintain compliance,” Bridgette Blomstrom, PSSI Global Services resource manager, says. 

Blomstrom also pointed out that Fleetio and KeepTruckin provide expert support staff and a dedicated representative to quickly address any issues.

Since much of PSSI Global’s business comes on the weekend, the team works long hours, which makes it difficult to manage for each individual. Now, the company has minimal issues, and the integration has helped greatly reduce hours of service violations.

“In one platform we can see where everyone’s hours are and forecast ahead to avoid any problems,” Blomstrom says.


Reports are a significant tool for a company to track progress. Vehicle usage, maintenance history, and costs are just some of the aspects featured in fleet reports. With Fleetio, PSSI Global can easily set up reports on asset performance and make any necessary decisions based on data analysis and trends. 

Thanks to Fleetio, Huennekens is able to hand off some of the reporting and repair duties to others to complete the work. It has also provided a better way to prioritize tasks and keep the fleet running smoothly.

“Now, I don’t have to receive a phone call every time something happens,” Huennekens says. “The information goes to Fleetio and I can follow up when I have time.” 

The company also loves the fact that it can generate reports for a number of stakeholders to review, notably the owner of the company.


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