Outfitting a van can be a complicated and, at times, confusing process when the needs are highly specific from one vehicle and contractor to the next. Depending on the application, the van size, and a contractor’s specific preference, the options for boxes, shelving, and more can differ greatly. In order to determine the best configuration for your work truck or van, WEATHER GUARD® suggests the following criteria to ensure you are getting the most out of your storage space and your investment.

  1. Determine your vehicle’s size capacity: Depending on which make and model you have, the size options can differ greatly. Take specific measurements of your vehicle to determine how much space you have to work with before identifying your specific van package or storage boxes.
  2. Determine the application, style, and box type: Determine the vehicle’s primary use to help decide the type of box and other products and accessories you may need. For example, in a pickup and delivery van, you would want larger shelving units without dividers. If you are using a van for plumbing, you might prefer shelves with more dividers, bins, or organizers to separate your tools and materials, like caulking.
  3. Determine the tools to which you will need maximum access: Decide which tools you will be using most frequently, as you will want those to be easier to access. With a large storage space like a van, it is easy for tools and equipment to get lost behind all the clutter.
    Tools that you use rarely can be housed in shelving units or bins further back, whereas your everyday tools can be stored in bins or racks near the front. Make it easier to find your tools by investing in plenty of bins, dividers, or tool organizers for your shelving units.
  4. Determine your budget: The custom upfitting process can be both complex and costly. Decide what your budget is from the beginning, before picking your specific products. An easy solution for planning your van customization is the WEATHER GUARD Custom Van Configurator, which makes it easy for professional contractors to customize their van interior for functionality and convenience, while being assured they are getting the most from their investment.
    Featured Image: The Van Starter Packs are built for professionals who need to organize, secure, and transport tools and equipment in their work vans.
    Above: Nissan NV Cargo with WEATHER GUARD upfit. 
    The configurator is an online interactive tool that contractors can use to build custom van upfits. The end-user can visually and interactively place partitions, racks and bins, shelving, and ladder racks, making the customization process simple and easy. Using the configurator, contractors can design and save their most popular van configuration packages for future reference and quoting. The contractor can also see a photo of the designed layout to see how it will work, as well as the organizational and productivity benefits.
  5. Determine any potential bulk storage needs you may have: Bulk storage can come in handy for tools you don’t use as often or for large materials like lumber, sheet rock, or other building materials. Before outfitting your van or truck, determine if you will need bulk storage and decide which size will best suit your needs. WEATHER GUARD offers bulk storage units in a wide variety of sizes and styles, all featuring high security and durability.
  6. Decide which qualities are most important in your van and truck equipment: Based on your specific vehicle storage and security needs, your van outfitting products and accessories can differ greatly. WEATHER GUARD products feature high security, durability, and weather resistance that professional contractors need and expect, no matter what the job or application need may be.

In addition, regardless of the primary use of your van, installing a bulkhead is essential in order to protect drivers and passengers in case of an accident. You can determine what type of bulkhead you need based on the make and model of your vehicle and your personal preference between window opening and mesh.
The WEATHER GUARD Custom Van Configurator makes it easy for professional contractors to customize their van interior for functionality and convenience.
When it comes to storage equipment, WEATHER GUARD has been focused on developing products that can be customized for a variety of applications without compromising security and durability. WEATHER GUARD Van Starter Packs can fit a variety of applications, including utility, construction, plumbing, and general use. WEATHER GUARD also offers a full range of professional trade packages for all commercial van OEMs, from the new Ford Transit Connect and Ram ProMaster to the Ford E-Series, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, Nissan NV, and the Mercedes Sprinter.
The Van Starter Packs are built for professionals who need to organize, secure, and transport tools and equipment in their work vans. In addition, the Starter Packs include shelving and drawers that are easy to assemble, install, and customize. These basic configurations fit in full-size, high-roof, and compact vans. The WEATHER GUARD Starter Packs provide an affordable solution for today’s busy tradesmen to organize and transport their materials.
Simply put, there is no one size fits all van storage system. Van dimensions differ, application needs can change, and the tools of the trade can vary greatly. But, durability, security, and quality are always of the utmost importance in any van or truck storage application. In order to get the most out of your van or truck and its storage availability, it is important that you get the right products and accessories for your needs and applications. By following the steps above, the process can be much easier.

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