Trailers and Bodies for Landscaping


Your landscape business can only be as reliable and efficient as your equipment. That includes your truck, your lawnmowers and trimmers, and even your trailer or truck body. If your truck body or trailer isn’t working for your job or if you’re ready to upgrade, consider a trailer or body made specifically for landscape that’s able to haul your equipment and keep it organized, is easy to load and unload, or efficiently carries mulch, tree limbs, and more.


CM Truck Beds offers two different body styles for landscapers: the LB Landscape Body and the PL Platform Stake Body.

CM Truck Bed’s LB body keeps crews organized and productive. This body makes it easy to load and unload equipment, while its construction delivers lasting durability and strength. Its dovetail design features two 72-inch rear ramps. It features a built-in, lockable storage compartment.
CM Truck Beds’ PL body is a platform bed that features the strongest, most durable materials on the market with features to get the job done. The PL is available with multiple options such as wood flooring, a cargo light, stake sides, an underbody tool box, and more.


A big name in trailers (literally), Big Tex Trailers has several options for the landscape market. Those options include trailers with high sides to keep equipment, landscaping materials, and yard debris secure.

The Big Tex 35SV is a Single Axle Vanguard Trailer with pipe-top rail, higher sides, and a variety of width options. This gives owners the versatility to haul anything they need. Its standard sizes are 10-ft, 12-ft, and 14-ft long with trailer payloads of 1,515 to 1,895 lbs.
Big Tex Trailers’ Tandem Axle Vanguard Trailer, the 70TV, features a larger width and higher v-crimped steel sides. This protects your cargo and equipment while hauling. Standard sizes range from 12 ft to 18 ft with payloads from 5,065 to 5,335 lbs.


When you think of an equipment trailer, it’s possible you picture something similar to PJ Trailers’ Utility Trailers. The brand manufactures several different sizes and styles of utility trailers including its 83-inch Tandem Axle Channel Utility (UL) and the 77-inch Single Axle Channel Utility (U7). What’s more, PJ Trailers’ Ready-Rail options are available with both trailers. These options include tool boxes, trimmer rack adapters, and more.

The PJ Trailers U7 is 77-inches wide with lengths from 8 ft to 14 ft. It can carry loads from 1,990 to 3,575 lbs. Choose between a straight deck and a dovetail to best fit your needs. It features a 4-inch channel frame and wrap tongue as well as a sealed wire harness for extra reliability and dependability.
The 83-inch Tandem Axle Channel Utility (UL) trailer is available in lengths of 10 to 20 ft. It can carry 5,500 to 7,749 lbs. This trailer also features a 4-inch channel frame and wrap tongue and a sealed wire harness as well as straight deck and dovetail options.


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