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Volvo’s VNX 300 is a Crowd Pleaser


Volvo VNX 300

You’re in the business of hauling big things to local places. Whether you’re hauling equipment or earth, you can’t find a truck that’s tough enough to get the job done. Volvo heard your cry and created the VNX heavy-haul series that includes the VNX 400 and 640 for long-distance hauls and the VNX 300 daycab specifically for heavy, local haul.


Volvo built this machine to be rock solid down to the wheels—which are wide-set for better grip and traction. Tire sizes up to 445 mm can easily be used on the VNX whenever the need for a larger tire arises. And, talk about standing up, the VNX features a high frame to maximize ground clearance.

The bumpers feature a heavy-duty tow pin and center tow frame that equalizes forces to the chassis. The tow beam is made of 100 ksi steel, and the bumper is made of 1/4-inch-thick alloy aluminum and supported by welded internal bracing.

The front axles of the VNX 300 are built to help ensure less maintenance and better handling and control. The rear axles were designed for heavy-hauling in both on- and off-road applications with a rating of up to 55,000 lbs. The VNX 300 is available in custom frame lengths of 6×4 tandem, 8×4 tandem, and 8×6 tri-drive axle configuration.


The Volvo D13 is the standard engine for the ever-rugged VNX 300. With 500 hp and 1850 lb-ft of torque and a maximum GVWR of up to 225,000 lbs (with approval), this baby can haul anything up, down, or around mountains and hills. In the VNX 300, the D13 is paired with the 13- or 14-speed Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears, the automated manual transmission that features upgraded engaging sleeves, torsional dampening, and clutch durability. The pair keeps fuel costs low, extends powertrain life, slows driveline wear, lowers maintenance costs, and reduces noise.

If you need even more power for extreme heavy-haul and specialized jobs, the VNX has a solution. Like its siblings in the new VNX series, the VNX 300 is available with up to 605 hp and 2,050 lb-ft of torque, provided by the Cummins X15 Performance Series engine and paired with an Eaton Ultra Shift Plus or manual transmission.

What’s stronger than an enhanced safety system? Volvo trucks are filled with safety technology, starting at their build. Volvo cabs have the industry’s highest strength-to-weight ratio that protects the driver by absorbing crash energy. Volvo trucks come standard with driver’s side airbags and optional Rolltek seats that provide further protection for a driver in the event of a collision.

Volvo’s Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST) continually monitors operating parameters and detects imminent jackknife, rollover, or loss of control events. When a potential event is detected, VEST automatically reduces engine torque and applies braking to help the driver maintain control and stay on the road.


The Volvo VNX 300 isn’t your average work truck. It was designed to enhance the driving experience. Volvo knew one way to accomplish that was to increase fuel efficiency. The Volvo D13 engine’s common-rail fuel injection is cleanly installed, improving reliability and reducing engine noise. Its finer control also allows for quicker and more accurate injection, improving fuel efficiency. Volvo is also ahead of the rest when it comes to aftertreatment systems. Volvo’s “one-box” aftertreatment system reduces weight, saves space, and provides better thermal encasing of exhaust energy. The engine powering the VNX 300 also features Volvo’s wave piston that reduces loss of friction between the piston and cylinder bore, which benefit fuel efficiency and power output.

Volvo further enhances the driving experience by improving the cockpit, reducing driver distraction and easing the stresses of hauling heavy loads. Volvo VNX 300 seats are ergonomically optimized, and the dashboard is designed to eliminate as much distraction as possible, grouping controls within easy reach and displaying critical information where a driver can view at a quick glance.

A 5-inch color information display operates from controls mounted on the steering wheel. Multiple USB and 12V connections provide power and accessibility to a driver’s mobile devices, which can be linked to the available infotainment system.

When you buy a Volvo, you’re not just investing in a work truck. Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics covers you from 24-hour assistance to Volvo Protection Plans, ensuring a valuable asset for years to come. In addition to Volvo’s remote assistance, its dealer network is expansive. Volvo Trucks Uptime Services help through every step of the servicing process and prove convenient with more than 400 dealerships and thousands of service centers across North America. You’re never alone with Volvo, making the VNX 300 a heavy- hauler worth applauding.


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