It’s no secret that it’s the employees that make a company rise or fall. Without the innovation, hard work, and dedication of employees, a business would pretty much crumble. So, it makes sense that showing employees you value them is at the top of the “importance” list. This can be done in various ways, from showing gratitude to bonuses and awards. Mike Irey is one such elite employee and the company he works for—Fleet Response—showed it valued him by awarding him the Outstanding Performance Award.
In May 2017, Fleet Response announced Mike Irey, senior claims adjuster, as the Outstanding Performance Award Winner. Throughout his 10 years with Fleet Response, Irey “has shown continuous enthusiasm to share his wealth of knowledge with others and commitment to assisting his fellow employees,” according to Fleet Response.
The company describes Irey as valued and appreciated by his co-workers and having a positive impact on those that surround him. One of Irey’s associates, Jeff Butler, subrogation specialist, says, “Anytime I have an issue or a question on a repair, he takes the time to look at it and assist me and offer his professional opinion. Mike is always willing to help out and his knowledge is a true asset to the company.”


Irey previously worked as a body tech and painter in a high-end dealership body shop for 28 years. One day, a Fleet Response manager came in and thought Irey would fit the adjuster position the company was hiring for. From there, the rest is history.
Irey says that his previous job helped prepare him for the demands of the claim adjuster position. “Knowing how to repair a unit to a pre-loss condition is a huge plus in this job,” Irey says. “Today, there is no experience better than hands-on experience.”
As with any job, the role of claims adjuster is not without its challenges. “Parts cost verification, blue printing estimates for the most cost-effective repair, and timely repair,” says Irey, listing the most challenging aspects of his job. “Every day that client trucks are down, it’s costing them money.” But, with the challenges come the highlights. Irey says that some of the most rewarding aspects of the job are “working with clients to get a cost-effective pre-loss repair and getting their trucks back in service as soon as possible.”
Of course, not everything is about the job. In his downtime, Irey indulges in his hobbies. “I am a big sports fan—football, baseball, and basketball—and I enjoy Fantasy Football,” Irey says. “I like to travel when I can, and am a pet fan.”


Fleet Response is a Cleveland, Ohio-based, family-owned business that started in 1986 as Rental Concepts, Inc. (RCI). While the original focus was to manage temporary business rentals, RCI expanded in 1997 to include accident and maintenance management programs under the name Integrated Vehicle Systems (IVS).
The two companies eventually combined to create Fleet Response, one company that offers comprehensive custom fleet services, a full safety program, and FleetSuite—an exclusive, proprietary, custom-built online tool offering access to real-time claims, maintenance, and safety data at any time.
Fleet Response now has more than 100 employees who provide support for accident, maintenance, and safety programs. And, lucky for them, Mike Irey is one of those employees.


Earlier this year, Fleet Response was awarded a 2017 Top Workplace honor by the Cleveland Plain Dealer—a ranking based only on the results of an online employee survey questionnaire administered by Workplace Dynamics.
“This year’s Top Workplace recognition is proof that Fleet Response employees believe that the company continues to head in the right direction,” according to Fleet Response. And, judging by outstanding performances like Irey’s, it’s easy to see that Fleet Response fosters an employee-valued culture.


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JULY 2017