By offering the industry’s lowest VOC ratings for a commercial vehicle paint platform, the PPG DELFLEET ONE® system delivers the benefits of a healthier work environment while also helping businesses meet stricter VOC emissions regulations, where applicable. Yet, as many of its users will attest, the DELFLEET ONE system also represents a major advance in meeting the performance and productivity demands of the commercial vehicle paint operation.


John Melvin Jr., owner of JM Collision Center in Laveen Village, Arizona, switched to the DELFLEET ONE system shortly after it was introduced in 2018, and the lower VOC emissions is just one of several qualities he appreciates. “I’m a hands-on painter, and I’ve worked with a lot of coatings over the past 40-plus years,” Melvin says. “This one is very easy to use for any skill level, and the color matching and tint capabilities are exceptional.”

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Cody Kuklisin, a paint and body technician for Kuhnle Brothers, Inc., a trucking company located in Geauga County, Ohio, has used the DELFLEET ONE paint system since 2019. He is quick to point out the system’s ease of use and productivity. “The coverage is pretty amazing,” Kuklisin says. “We spray two coats, but even one coat would work just fine. At the end of the day, our cycle times have been significantly reduced with DELFLEET ONE. That’s important because you’re constantly battling the clock in this business.”

“It makes our jobs easier,” Kuklisin adds. “It’s a simplified coating where everything works together—the primers, colors, and clears. You don’t have to use six different products to get the same result.”

While appreciating the environmental benefits of the system, Patrick Connell, CEO and owner of Delaware Truck Refinishers in New Castle, Delaware, also praises the performance of the DELFLEET ONE system. “It’s simple to apply, offers outstanding color capability and productivity, and it’s great for all kinds of jobs,” Connell says. “What more can you ask for?”


The DELFLEET ONE compact mixing system is comprised of just 45 toners, including the latest aluminum and pearl pigments to provide full color capability for direct gloss, basecoat, and matte colors. In addition, there are four binders and four paint additives. Supporting its color capability is the DELFLEET ONE Color Selector that houses thousands of OEM color chips—including hundreds of variant colors—for precisely matching commercial vehicle colors. 

As a complete product line, the DELFLEET ONE system offers a concise lineup of hardeners, reducers, primers, and clearcoats engineered to work together with its basecoat and direct gloss topcoats, while keeping inventory requirements to a minimum.

With the DELFLEET ONE paint system, environmentally-progressive technology doesn’t compromise on performance demanded by commercial vehicle paint operation.

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