May 2019



Service Truck Power Kit
Shur-Co expands its SMARTechnology family with the addition of its Service Truck Power Kit, an assembled power kit that uses Shur-Co’s SMARTwire design with a sealed connection that eliminates wire corrosion. The power kit with built-in circuit protection connects to an existing power supply on a truck or battery and mounts on the vehicle grille or other location. It features a heavy-duty two-way conductor plug and socket, includes a jumper cable kit with extension cables, and it can be installed for use to provide 12VDC power to winches, cranes, hoists, or other applications.


VMAC’s DTM70 ditches the traditional PTO shaft design and mounts the PTO and air compressor directly to the transmission instead. The result is a compact solution that’s sophisticated, durable, and powerful, producing up to 70 CFM. While all PTO driven air compressors save truck deck space, the DTM70 also saves weight. At only 150 lbs, the DTM70 is up to 260-lbs lighter than competing underdeck compressors. It also eliminates the alignment issues that can occur with shaft driven compressors.

VMAC’s DTM70 is available for Ford F-250 to F-750 Power Stroke diesel trucks and RAM 3500 to 5500 chassis cab Cummins diesel trucks. 


VCL Crane Control Management System
High-tech solutions are playing an increasingly larger role in the American service truck industry. One of the most noticeable impacts is the creation and adoption of programmable logic control (PLC) systems. These systems give operators greater control and improved safety features by incorporating multiple sensors and user feedback functions through proprietary logic programming. Venturo’s brand-new VLC™ Crane Control Management System brings safety, control, and reliability to Venturo fully hydraulic service cranes. This system makes crane operations more safe and efficient with features such as overload protection, a pistol-grip controller, and visible safety alerts. 


H-Core EGR Coolers
Bullet Proof Diesel developed a line of EGR coolers that feature the patented H-Core technology that is designed to resist the common causes of EGR failure. The H-Core design allows for natural expansion and contraction of cooling tubes inside the EGR cooler, which limits structural failure that can result in a ruptured EGR cooler. H-Core construction also increases the surface area of the coolant tubes within the EGR coolers, making them more effective heat exchangers than other tubed designs. The brand aims to provide a permanent solution with its H-Core product in contrast to stock units that often require replacement.


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