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Hino’s Rising Tide

HINO 155

Hino is the fastest-growing truck manufacturer in the United States and for plenty of reason. The trucks that are a staple overseas are making a splash on America’s side of the pond. See why the medium-duty Hino 155 is making waves.


The Hino 155 is constructed of 100 percent steel with a 78.5-inch-wide cab and a GVW of 14,500 lbs. The ladder-type frame is 33 inches in width with a yield strength of 56,900 psi. The Hino J05E-TP 5-liter turbo diesel engine—engineered for maximum performance and fuel economy—powers the Hino 155, giving the cab-over 210 hp and 440 lb-ft of torque.

Partnered with all that power is an Aisin. The Aisin A465 6-speed automatic transmission shifts the gears in every Hino COE. Hino chooses Aisin transmissions because of Aisin’s more than 40 years’ experience manufacturing durable, quality transmissions.

The Hino 155 is fueled from a rear center-mounted 30-gallon fuel tank, and thanks to Hino’s Selective Catalytic Reduction technology, NOx emissions are lowered by more than 80 percent in the Hino 155, keeping your fleet green.


All that power under the hood needs an interior to match. The inside of the Hino 155 was inspired by Toyota models, offering a package of necessary features while also keeping it simple and easy to service. The cab features great comfort, high visibility, and low noise levels. Air conditioning, cruise control, tilt and telescopic steering column—all standard features.

The cab is made of fully galvanized steel with extra rigidity for comfort and noise reduction. The cab is also wide, featuring two passenger seats in addition to the driver’s seat. The Hino 155 is also available in extended cab and double cab versions that seat up to seven members of your crew.


Powerful. Comfortable. Now, add smart.

Each Hino is equipped with the Hino Insight platform that gives instant access to business intelligence and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management that increases profitability and fleet driver efficiency as well as reduces downtime and operating costs.

Hino Insight allows fleet managers to monitor idle times, speed, location, heavy braking, distance traveled, and more. The Remote Diagnostics feature alerts managers, dealers, and Hino in the event of a diagnostic trouble code (DTC). Using software and technicians, Insight Remote Diagnostics analyzes the DTC and determines a diagnosis and its level of severity. Remote Diagnostics notifies the owner and dealer of the severity level and the best steps to resolve the issue, all to reduce the chances of catastrophic failure.

But not only does Hino Insight help with preventive maintenance, it also helps your bottom line. Fleets that use Hino Insight see a 25 percent reduction in fuel costs, 30 percent reduction in idle time, and 10 percent reduction in daily mileage.


Hino Insights keep your Hino running smoothly, but some owners are more concerned with the long road ahead. That’s why Hino Trucks offers a cab-over standard five-year, 200,000 mileage extended warranty, while also offering optional coverages for the engine and aftertreatment system. This coverage also expands to cover fuel injectors, the fuel injection supply pump, and the turbo charger.

For the first three years of Hino ownership, your truck is covered with HinoWatch, a roadside assistance program with 24/7/365 access anywhere in the United States and Canada. HinoWatch provides lockout service, battery jumpstart, and information free of charge.

With Hino’s proven engine, configurations to fit all your needs, and HinoWatch keeping a close eye out, it’s no wonder fleet owners are choosing Hino and contributing to the rising tide of Hino in the US.


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