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Deciding on the perfect truck for your fleet can get a little overwhelming, confusing, and downright annoying. Spending too much time at the dealership or too much time surfing the web could lead to frustration. You’re likely to end at the Volvo dealership anyways, so why not start your search there?

Volvo’s lineup of heavy-duty work trucks is one of the best in the business, and the VHD 300 helped it get there.


The VHD is equipped with the Volvo integrated drivetrain, giving the VHD enough power for all your vocational hauling needs and the efficiency to minimize operating costs. The VHD has the maneuverability for applications such as concrete pumpers and mixers, but it also features a bridge-law compliant wheelbase for an end-dump tractor—our point being, the VHD is versatile enough for any application.

The VHD 300 has two engine options. The Volvo D11 with 325 to 425 hp and 1,250 to 1,550 lb-ft of torque and the Volvo D13 with 375 to 500 hp and 1,450 to 1,850 lb-ft of torque. The D11 is lightweight and designed to improve reliability while reducing the cost of operation. It’s a solution for maximizing fuel efficiency in weight-sensitive vocational applications. The D13’s power and efficiency improve operating costs and meets 2017 GHG emissions standards. Both Volvo engines feature a common-rail fuel injection system that gets the most power from every drop of fuel, lower friction pistons for optimized cylinder efficiency, and carry a B50 life of 1.2 million miles.

Pair either of these engines with the Volvo I-Shift for Severe Duty transmission, built for the most demanding applications. This transmission recently received a few updates. It features upgraded software and hardware, a countershaft brake for better shifting and performance, and improved engaging sleeves for greater durability. Torsional dampening and clutch durability are also upgraded. Because of these upgrades, Volvo I-Shift extends transmission life, slows driveline wear, reduces noise, and keeps costs down.

Built to deliver the best ride under the worst conditions, Volvo T-Ride suspension is standard in the VHD and features trunnion-mounted springs and rubber towers and can provide constant ground pressure for greater traction. 


Volvo has nine power take-off (PTO) options, so no matter your application, the VHD can accommodate. The VHD can provide PTO drive connections in three different positions (Front Engine PTO, Rear Engine PTO, and Transmission Mounted PTO) for gear pumps, piston pumps, or direct drive shaft connections.

Choose to upgrade the transmission in your VHD 300 with the P+ Enhanced Performance mode, adapted for heavy haul and construction applications. The mode features various functions that adapt shift points and gear selection to hilly stretches of road and poor driving surfaces. Other functions aid starting from a standstill in less than ideal driving conditions, and the package also allows the driver the ability to rock free if needed. 

A P+ Power Launch feature is also part of the performance software package that provides extra torque when loaded to capacity, starting from a standstill, or on poor terrain. The feature matches torque to the terrain to minimize wheel-slip on soft surfaces.

Driver performance is also enhanced with a VHD 300. Driver visibility is improved with a panoramic windshield, sloped hood and side windows, and split rearview mirror design. Vents in the dash and doors also help contribute to a clear view on all sides. And VHD is easy to maneuver with highly responsive steering and a maximized wheel cut of up to 50 degrees. This is made possible through strategic positioning of the steering gear.


A driver is the most important element to a work truck—without them, no truck could function. A cab should be comfortable and functional, starting even before drivers enter the cab. Cab doors are more than 3 ft wide and 4 ft high; they open at a full 70 degrees, and ergonomically placed handles ensure a safe entry and exit. Along with safe, the cab should also feature a smooth ride. Volvo cab air suspension and outboard mounted air springs, shocks, and stabilizing rod keep the drivers comfortable, minimizing a bumpy ride.

Drivers come in all shapes and sizes, and Volvo’s new Position Perfect steering wheel accommodates any and all drivers. The steering wheel has a three-way neck tilt, giving drivers an almost endless amount of positions to put the steering wheel exactly where drivers prefer it for gauge visibility and comfort.

Seating is another important aspect of driver comfort. Volvo seating was refined based on ergonomic research. Drivers benefit from seat placement, a wider range of adjustment, and more accessible controls. An optional built-in fridge under the passenger seat also contributes to a driver’s comfort, providing space for drinks and snacks.

The VHD is offered in three trim levels: Fleet, Express, and Premier. Fleet features a Heron vinyl headliner, vinyl walls, and the door panels feature durable Wren plastic inserts. Express upgrades the headliner and walls with a Heron cloth finish, and door panels feature Wren vinyl inserts. Walls and headliner in the Premier trim feature Longspur cloth with a metallic accent, and door panels feature Longspur vinyl insert.


Your drivers will be less distracted in a Volvo VHD 300. The dashboard displays critical information for viewing at a glance and groups frequently used controls within quick, easy reach. The driver’s instrument cluster features a clean layout with light-green backlighting that is easy to read and reduces eyestrain. A programmable, 5-inch color LCD display with graphics works in tandem with controls mounted on the steering wheel. This provides drivers with access to system settings and configurable diagnostic aids.

A tray with multiple connections on the top of the dash serves as a home to a driver’s gadgets. These gadgets can also be linked to the optional infotainment system. The infotainment system features a 7-inch color touchscreen and a premium audio system. Buyers also have the option to install navigation tools and a variety of third-party applications.


As stated above, drivers are the most important element to a work truck. Keep your drivers safe with the VHD. With self-cleaning steps and ergonomic grab handles, Volvo has a grip on safety before the driver even enters the cab. Volvo’s High-Strength Steel (HSS) cabs have a high strength-to-weight ratio, protecting drivers by absorbing energy from a crash. A driver’s side airbag—standard in every Volvo truck—adds another layer of driver protection. And an optional Rolltek seat combines seat belt pre-tensioners, automatic seat lowering, and an integral side airbag for optimal driver protection.

The VHD is also available with Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology (VEST). VEST continually monitors driver inputs and normal driving parameters. If VEST detects that the truck is close to an event such as a rollover, jackknife, or loss of control, the system down shifts the transmission, reduces engine torque, and applies the necessary wheel-end braking to help put the truck back on course.


Volvo offers plenty of options to track and perform truck maintenance with Remote Diagnostics that offers an analysis of critical fault codes for repairs, immediate communication, and streamlined service procedures—all important aspects for keeping a work truck on the road and on the jobsite.

Your business requires a reliable heavy-duty hauler. Pick a truck that is trusted by millions of owners worldwide. Pick a work truck made for the tough stuff. Pick a Volvo VHD 300.


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