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    7 Reasons to Use Fleet Data

    By Emily Newton “Data is the world’s most valuable resource” is a popular saying among businesses and industry think tanks today. These conversations often revolve around tech companies and information professions, but the importance also […] More

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    6 Ways IoT Makes Fleet Management Smarter

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is actively changing the transportation and logistics industry. These connected devices are more common and accessible, spotlighting their advantages. IoT fleet management is becoming the industry standard as more businesses […] More

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    One Way to Stay Safe in Low-visibility Environments

    Nationwide, municipal leaders, engineers, and equipment manufacturers work to create solutions that keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the road. With road safety in mind, Monroe Truck Equipment added Air Blade Warning Lights to its […] More

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    Why are Truck Driver Numbers Still Low?

    By Emily Newton The US faces an unprecedented labor shortage in the trucking industry, which impacts the entire nation’s economy. Without truck drivers to move goods from state to state, supply chain operations can slow […] More

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