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When your commute routinely involves an eight-hour drive across the state of Texas, you need a reliable and comfortable truck to get you there and back. That’s why Houston native Chris Groves bought a 2015 F-150 King Ranch.
Groves is an oilman, one who built his now-thriving business by himself. After serving his country in the Marine Corps, he worked his way up the Texas drilling industry, showing a profound talent for maintaining the equipment that keeps the crude flowing. Today, his company is responsible for maintaining rigs and equipment in oil fields all over the Lone Star State.
Featured Image: One of the things Groves loves most about his F-150 King Ranch is the high-strength aluminum alloy body.
Above: The F-150 King Ranch is ideal for various jobs, from the oil industry to farming.


Groves has been fond of Ford for nearly his entire life. His grandfather had a big hand in that. But, as a guy who started his own company, Groves sees a kindred spirit in the Ford Motor Company’s founder.
“Henry Ford,” says Groves, when asked why he loves the Blue Oval™. “He was self-made, just a hardworking individual and a great entrepreneur. He has one of the finest vehicles on the road today.”
Just about any truck enthusiast would agree with Groves’ assessment of the 2015 F-150 King Ranch. It’s a two-tone, Caribou and Oxford White, with the Java interior. When Groves saw it on the lot at Planet Ford 59 in Humble, it was the only one, but he immediately fell in love with it.
One of the things he loves most is the high-strength aluminum alloy body. The lighter weight of the truck makes it a lot easier to drive—something that’s important when you’re rolling through the Texas back country.
“I think the aluminum body gives it a totally different ride,” says Groves. “It’s smoother. It doesn’t sway as much if you make sharp turns. Coming from the Gulf Coast through the Hill Country, back into the desert, you go through three different terrains in this truck. It’s really cool.”


The terrain he drives through may be unforgiving, but the interior of his King Ranch certainly isn’t. The heated massage seats have been a warm welcome during Groves’ long trek through the unseasonably cold temperatures this past winter. The voice-activated SYNC® system has also helped him manage his business while he’s on the road.
Groves’ F-150 is, in many ways, like a mobile office. The amenities of the King Ranch mean that it’s a very comfortable office at that, one that makes him feel more “executive.” That’s important when he’s taking clients out to check on their equipment.
“They love it,” he says. “They absolutely love it. They’re amazed with all the stuff it has. As I’m driving, they’re fiddling around with it and finding that it has all of these different features, stuff that I didn’t even realize that I had.”


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