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ASRC Flies Chevrolet Fleet Trucks throughout Remote Alaska


2016 Cevrolet Colorado Diesel Lineup

Chris Maynard, fleet general manager for ASRC Energy Services, has a pretty challenging job—distributing fleet trucks to remote parts of Alaska. “There are no roads where we’re going,” Maynard says. “You can’t just drive where we’re going. You have to charter an airplane and put the truck in the back of a Sherpa. Hopefully the Ravn will be able to get her out to our destination.”


As Maynard and his crew load a Chevrolet Colorado into the back of the aircraft, you can see it’s more than just a tight squeeze.
“We’ve got about a half an inch—maybe—to work with,” Maynard explains. “We put some tape on the fenders in case it does rub in a really narrow spot.” And, it’s easy to see just how narrow it gets as the driver crawls slowly, carefully into the cargo hold, spotters in the front and rear directing.
“We constantly face challenges moving stuff to all parts of Alaska,” Maynard says. “If the Colorado doesn’t fit, you know, we’re going to have to wait until the winter and get the permits to bring it in over the tundra.”
 The 2016 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

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“I oversee fleet operations,” says Maynard about his role at ASRC. “Born and raised, lifelong Alaskan, I’ve been working with fleets—small-, medium-, and large-duty—for the last 20 to 25 years.”
That kind of experience is needed when distributing vehicles to remote parts of Alaska. “The logistics involved with getting the vehicle out in the middle of the Brook Range was challenging, to say the least.”
ASRC largely serves the oil and gas sector of Alaska, using different types of fleet vehicles. “We have the heavy-duty trucks that are located up in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Those are largely the diesel three quarter to one tons. We also have a lot of chassis cabs within that same category that we upfit.”
The importance of a reliable truck in remote Alaskan locations is not only important, it’s mandatory. “These fleet vehicles end up serving as remote offices for a lot of our employees, because they spend so much time in these vehicles.”


Known to have one of the most hands-on and reliable fleet support programs, General Motors takes care of Maynard and his fleet. “General Motors has a really progressive program. They offer all different types of fleet vehicles that suit our needs, including the Chevrolet Colorado that we’re delivering here today,” Maynard says.
“GM will just jump all over any of the issues we’re having. They’re all about creating solutions. In my opinion, they just knock it out of the park with their customer service. Above and beyond what any of their competitors are doing.”


GM Fleet has you covered. Find out more about the Chevrolet Colorado, GM Fleet, and other GM products and services, visit


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