The plumbing industry isn’t well known for offering superb customer service, building lasting relationships, or beating customer expectations. But one plumbing franchise is working to change that.

1.800.Plumber set out on a mission to transform the plumbing and HVAC industry by offering nationwide franchise opportunities focused on providing an unmatched customer experience. With locations opening around the country, 1.800.Plumber found its success building relationships with its customers and a desire to beat expectations. What made the organization successful is that every franchisee and every employee in the business is driven by a core focus to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.


1.800.Plumber’s customers receive the service they need at the time agreed upon between the technician and the customer. This is a level of professionalism that customers love. It might seem simple, but in the plumbing market, this foundational aspect is sometimes lost. Technology, proven methods, a structured plumbing franchise system, and a leadership team driven by perfection are what drive the brand to phenomenal levels of success.

The standard 1.800.Plumber built for its customers is made possible through having the right equipment and parts onsite when plumbers arrive. “Our customers’ time is valuable, and we want to respect our customers’ time by having what we need to complete the job on our vans the first time we go onsite,” says Mark Collins, president of 1.800.Plumber. “Having a good stock of material on our van is a key fundamental for our success. We want to go to the supply house as little as possible.”


1.800.Plumber found the Ram ProMaster 2500 Cargo Van with the high roof and 136-inch wheel base to be the ideal vehicle for the work and service model delivered by the brand. The high roof allows the technicians to stand inside the cargo area and comfortably move around while on the job. The high roof also significantly increases the storage capacity and allows for increased function in the field. The size and structure of the vehicle allow water heaters to stand upright instead of laying on their side. The ProMaster allows for a truly mobile business where a franchisee or technician can deliver great service for hours in the field and transition from one customer to another without constant stops at the shop. It also allows for higher shelf height for greater organization and efficiency for the technician. 1.800.Plumber also found the lower deck height makes it easier to get in and out of the cargo area.

Other aspects and features allow any business to be easily and conveniently built around the Ram ProMaster. The cargo area floor is lined with a poly-based flooring to minimize noise and comes with lighting to help the technician easily find what they need. It comes standard with a turbo charged V6 engine that has plenty of power to maneuver the vehicle, yet still much more fuel efficient than its predecessors. The cab of the vehicle has many of the standard features one would expect in a personal vehicle, such as Bluetooth, USB ports, and GPS navigation. It might be easy to overlook certain comforts and functions of a vehicle used for work purposes, but with a business as busy as 1.800.Plumber, delivering services to a wide range of residential and commercial customers in any given day, a work vehicle is also considered living quarters. Because of this, 1.800.Plumber feels its work vehicles should be functional, livable, and support the business in every way possible. The brand views its vehicles as part of the team and went through a critical review of almost every vehicle on the market before deciding on the ProMaster.

The Ram ProMaster is one of the many tools that 1.800.Plumber depends on and is an integral part of the entire brand’s ability to deliver high-quality plumbing services from a mobile business model. 1.800.Plumber strives to meets its customer’s expectations every day and having a properly stocked, dependable vehicle is essential.

Don’t be surprised if you see a 1.800.Plumber vehicle in your area soon. The company is expanding through an exciting and proven franchise model where the Ram ProMaster is a required component to all new franchise investors. As the organization grows, 1.800.Plumber hopes to provide industry-leading plumbing services to more customers in more markets around the country. There are a variety of factors sought after in an ideal 1.800.Plumber franchisee, but at the top of the list is a willingness to do whatever the customer wants in virtually any situation. 1.800.Plumber hopes to be the leading plumbing services firm in the US and believes it will happen one customer at a time.


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