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The International HV Series is Powerful and Practical



Need something with enough power to deliver day in and day out for days to come? Want something comfortable enough your drivers will love coming to work every day? The International HV Series is just that and more. So much more.


The interior of the HV Series was redesigned with the input of drivers and truck body professionals to ensure comfort and productivity. The truck’s versatile foundation suits any configuration necessary for optimal productivity.

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“Customers and Truck Equipment Manufacturers (TEMs) have given us feedback during the design process and, as a result, we have made the highly versatile, rugged, and reliable HV Series easy to integrate body solutions seamlessly,” says Denny Mooney, senior vice president of International’s global product development.

The HV Series features International’s Diamond Logic electrical system to automate interlocks and tasks to protect both your crew and your equipment. This system also streamlines body equipment and chassis integration. Diamond Logic offers nearly 200 factory available body integration and driver efficiency features to vocational customers. Diamond Logic also allows customers the ability to customize infinitely more vehicle functions to best suit any application.


The HV Series was built for the rough and tough of your business starting at the heavy-duty, double-sided galvanized steel cab to ensure a tough cab for years to come. Huck bolt chassis fasteners provide superior clamping force and won’t come lose even in extreme environments. Costly post-production modifications are minimized with an available clean Cab-to-Axle configuration. The HV Series features a lower ride height thanks to a 20,000-lb off-set bowl front drive axle, and integral 20- and 27-inch frame extensions add superior strength and reliability.

International engineers designed the HV Series to get back on the road faster. And, owners and drivers can keep a close eye on their trucks when equipped with OnCommand Connection, International’s remote diagnostics system and Over-the-air (OTA) programming. OTA enables drivers or managers to use a mobile interface to initiate authorized engine programming at the owner’s facilities over a Wi-Fi connection. This allows drivers and managers an easy, secure way to update engine control modules to reflect the latest manufacture calibrations without the need to visit a dealer.


The International A26, a 12.4-L engine, powers the HV Series. This engine is designed to provide impeccable uptime, quieter operation, and greater fuel efficiency. The A26 puts out 475 hp and 1,700 lb-ft of torque in a design that is 600-700 lbs lighter than a traditional 15-L big bore engine. The A26 features the industry’s best warranty, and it also meets the B10 standard that requires 90% of engines to travel 1,200,000 miles before a major repair.

The Cummins B6.7 and Cummins L9 engines are also available with the HV Series.


What keeps International customers coming back for more is perhaps its DriverFirst philosophy that builds trucks based on customer feedback. Because of this philosophy, International’s HV Series features redesigned cab doors with a lower bottom glass edge and no longer features the vent window; this gives the driver a single, large piece of glass to look through, reducing blind spots and improving side visibility.

Drivers turn their heads 15% less on the left and 5% less on the passenger side with the optional pedestal mirrors’ new position. This makes it easier to keep eyes on the road and reduces neck strain on a long day’s drive.

International redesigned the dash with more space for additional rocker switches, and a customizable gauge cluster with virtual gauges is now available. A column-mounted stalk shifter integrated with engine braking helps drivers keep their hands on the wheel, while the location of the shifter and lower instrument panel offer improved leg room for the driver. It’s difficult to get more driver-focused than this.


Your application requires a truck tough enough and strong enough to haul heavy loads for miles, and you want a truck that will do this for years. But you also need a truck with technical capabilities for major upfits. In short, a perfect addition to your fleet requires a little more than what an average work truck can deliver. Add to your fleet with a driver-centered, customer-focused International HV.


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