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Welcome to the future of vehicle ownership and management. Hino INSIGHT has one objective: increase uptime and efficiency. It achieves that goal by integrating Telematics with remote diagnostics and case management that works with you every mile on the road.


Hino’s connected vehicle platform enhances fleet safety and performance across key areas, including economy, digital vehicle inspection reports (DVIR), and integrated state mileage reporting. INSIGHT allows you to track fuel economy by the entire fleet, create and store DVIR records electronically, seamlessly report state mileage, and compare your fleet performance to others.
Hino INSIGHT also offers instant notifications, allowing owners to address things like diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) or low DEF levels without delay—meaning less downtime and lower maintenance. With Hino INSIGHT, DTCs report instantly, you are alerted any time DEF levels are low or quality has been compromised, you receive reports when a regen is needed, started, interrupted, or completed, and geofencing monitors mapped boundaries.
Communication is a key factor to success, so it’s no surprise Hino INSIGHT offers communication tools that save time and money. Hino INSIGHT integrates scheduling, service, and reminder communications across the board. Service updates keep you in the know regarding the status of service stops while preventive maintenance (PM) reminders are programmed so you never miss a PM interval. Help from a dedicated call center aids in scheduling, and with top-efficiency record keeping, every file is seamlessly recorded.


DTCs are often overlooked or ignored and the result can be catastrophic. With Telogis-powered INSIGHT Telematics, however, you can instantly see DTCs as they occur. DTCs are transmitted in real time by INSIGHT Telematics to the owner and to Hino via standard-fit wireless connectivity. Then, using both software and live technicians, INSIGHT Remote Diagnostics (RD) analyzes the DTC and a diagnosis is determined.
As the DTC is diagnosed, INSIGHT RD assigns a severity level. Once that’s done, INSIGHT RD notifies the owner and the dealer of the DTC severity level via email, phone, or text, and suggests the best steps to solve the issue. Next, INSIGHT Case Management (CM) call center coordinates the repair for the owner at the closest dealer with the necessary parts. INSIGHT CM then equips the dealer with all the necessary information before your vehicle arrives at the shop, where a technician will verify the DTC.
Throughout the entire service or repair process, INSIGHT CM updates the owner with alerts as to the status of the vehicle.


The top level Hino INSIGHT platform overview breaks down into three areas, mentioned briefly above: Telematics, Remote Diagnostics, and Case Management. Each area offers unique and beneficial services.
Hino INSIGHT Telematics: Hino INSIGHT Telematics gives you a slew of weapons in your arsenal to keep your truck on the road and in peak condition.

  • See all your assets on a single map with animated vehicle history trails.
  • Customizable alerts enable real-time alerts for DEF levels, speeding, idle time, and more.
  • Choose from customized or standard reports, including miles per state, fuel economy, and manual regeneration monitoring.
  • Geofencing alerts you when a truck has entered or departed from a designated area.
    Driver monitoring shows driver habits, including excessive speeding, harsh braking, and acceleration.
  • Compare your fleet to similar fleets in your region or nationally.
  • Monitor time on-site and location durations.
  • Send routes and make changes based on traffic to find the optimal route.
  • Vehicle inspection logs keep your fleet DOT compliant.

Hino INSIGHT Remote Diagnostics: Hino INSIGHT RD gives you the information you need to make informed service decisions.

  • Receive instant notification of DTCs as they happen.
  • Severity coding provides the information to take action; know whether you can safely continue your workday or need to immediately get to the nearest Hino dealer.
  • Diagnostic data reporting from the time of fault is sent to your selected service provider so they are prepared when your truck arrives.
  • PM reminders are based on actual mileage.

Hino INSIGHT Case Management: Hino INSIGHT CM minimizes downtime when your truck needs service by utilizing key communication tools for maximized efficiency.

  • Integrated communication offers three-way communication between you, your dealer, and Hino Trucks.
  • Channel flexibility lets you communicate how you like—phone call, text, or email.
  • Respond to a text message and it is logged into the case history.
  • Receive estimates right to your email and approve with the click of a button.
  • Receive real-time alerts during the repair process, such as checked in, in service/awaiting approval, and ready for pickup.
  • Integrated record keeping allows for historical Record of Maintenance for recordkeeping and resale.

Upgrades: The following upgrades are available through Hino at the time of vehicle purchase.

  • Service extension for standard INSIGHT Telematics available in two and four years at time of purchase.
  • Navigation using your favorite connected device—phone, tablet—plus, get truck specific navigation available in one-, three-, or five-year subscriptions.

Hino INSIGHT is powered on when you take delivery—simply log in. Getting up and running with industry leading Telematics, remote diagnostics, and case management has never been easier and Hino INSIGHT is standard on every new Hino. During the delivery process, Hino will provide you with a log-in for the platform. You’ll find pre-configured reports and alerts, as well as tutorials and instant help desk support. Hino INSIGHT experts will be standing by to answer questions and get you up and running.


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