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The Hino 338 is setting the benchmark for the industry through quality, operating experience, and anticipated premium resale value—and having won the ATD Truck of the Year award means full bragging rights.
Its rugged durability makes the 338 a perfect candidate for multiple industries, including beverage delivery, municipalities, construction, utilities, waste/recycling, and more. “With a worldwide reputation for reliability, durability, and outstanding fuel efficiency, you can count on Hino Trucks to provide you with low-cost-per-mile operations,” according to Hino.


The 338 is equipped with Hino’s turbocharged, intercooled diesel JO8E VB 6-cylinder engine providing 260 hp and 660 lb-ft of torque. With Hino Trucks being recognized worldwide as a leading engine design innovator, it’s no wonder the 338’s engine is hailed as dependable and fuel-efficient. The JO8E VB combines high-pressure common rail fuel injection with variable geometry turbocharger design and cooled ERG with selective catalytic reduction for emission control. These features allow for optimization of air/fuel mixture and fuel-efficient compliance with 2010 EPA regulations.
“VNT turbochargers optimize airflow by changing the turbocharger’s output based on control input from the engine’s electronic control unit,” according to Hino. “This feature allows engine designers to more accurately control cylinder pressure and air/fuel ratio. Better control means a more complete burn, resulting in better fuel efficiency and full EPA compliance.”
Featured Image: The 338’s cab is fully galvanized steel with extra rigidity for comfort, even in the roughest environments. 
Above:  Its rugged durability makes the 338 a perfect candidate for multiple industries.


Hino outfitted the 338 with proven US-made driveline components you can trust. To start with, the 338 uses an Allison transmission, which is standard on all conventional Hino trucks—offering a fully automatic 6-speed transmission that provides smooth, seamless full-power shifts for power, fuel-efficiency, and ease of use. “The result of Allison’s fully automatic transmission is faster acceleration and higher average road speed, which equate to quicker route times throughout the day. That means greater productivity and increased profits for your business,” according to Hino.
Of course, the 338 wouldn’t be a true Hino truck without a Meritor axle and Dana Spicer driveshaft.
Meritor’s century-plus years of axle manufacturing experience provide the building blocks for cutting-edge technologies and proven reliability and performance. Meanwhile, Dana Spicer drive shafts are in high demand as the preferred brand in the US by OEMs, fleet specifiers, and replacement parts professionals.


The 338 provides a few key elements to make drivers comfortable and happy—high visibility, low noise levels, and superior comfort. “With Toyota-inspired interior design, our cabs offer a complete package of the most necessary features and then keep it simple and serviceable. Your drivers, technicians, and accountants will love it,” according to Hino.
With standard A/C, CD player, tilt and telescoping steering column, and cruise control, the 338 is built for driver comfort and business sense. Since safety is an important part of the job, no matter what application, Hino placed the driving position high for a widened perspective of the road while also maintaining a good feel for the corners of the hood.
The 338’s cab is fully galvanized steel with extra rigidity for ride comfort and noise reduction and, with standard two-person passenger seat and comfortable driver’s seat, there’s enough room for crew comfort.
Hino outfitted the 338 with proven US-made driveline components you can trust.


New for MY2017, every Hino truck is equipped with, and supported by, the Hino INSIGHT platform, providing you with instant access to business intelligence and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management. In other words, you can increase profitability and fleet and driver efficiency, while reducing downtime and operating costs.

  • INSIGHT Telematics: This feature allows you to monitor idle times, heavy braking, speed, location, distance traveled, and more.
  • INSIGHT Remote Diagnostics: This feature will alert you, your dealer, and Hino in the event of a DTC and will direct you as to next steps and urgency.
  • INSIGHT Case Management: This feature streamlines the service process with appointment co-ordination and service progress updates.


Hino Trucks offers the premier, industry-best engine warranty with a three-year/unlimited mileage base warranty and five-year/250,000-mile extended warranty.
“In addition to the standard items covered by Hino Trucks’ past engine warranty, the new coverage has been expanded to cover key components, such as fuel injectors, the fuel injection supply pump, and the turbo charger,” according to Hino.
Also, for the first three years of ownership—regardless of mileage—HinoWatch ensures you are protected 24/7 with roadside assistance anywhere throughout the US and Canada.
And, in true Billy Mays fashion, “But, wait! There’s more!” Hino offers its preventive service care program for all Hino models—HinoCare. Available in plans ranging from two to six years, HinoCare covers and manages scheduled standard maintenance items, such as:

  • Engine oil, fuel filter, air filter replacements
  • Transmission fluid and differential oil replacements
  • Steering, brake pad, battery terminal, wheel checks
  • Gauges, warning lights, mirror, wipers checks
  • Engine belt, air intake system checks

“In addition to standard checks and replacements, HinoCare also covers a Diagnostic Trouble Codes check,” according to Hino. “Preventive maintenance doesn’t just enhance the lifespan of regularly used equipment; it enables higher performance while saving you money down the road.”


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