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The Isuzu NPR-HD is now available with a hybrid electric upfit solution that provides a simple and cost-effective way to improve fuel economy and decrease CO2 emissions. XL Fleet’s XLH™ hybrid electric drive system transforms traditional NPR-HDs into hybrid-electric vehicles, combining the versatility of the Isuzu work truck with the sustainability of an XL hybrid system for your most demanding routes and applications. It’s a seamless and immediate path toward sustainability for a wide range of fleet types.


With over 150 million cleaner, greener customer miles driven to date, XL Fleet is passionate about driving the transition to fleet electrification for commercial and municipal customers throughout North America.

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XL Fleet is focused on delivering Fleet-Ready™ solutions that can help fleets overcome many of today’s most daunting challenges in their road to electrification. Its hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric drive systems can help you:

  • Immediately electrify your favorite work trucks
  • Increase fuel economy while reducing emissions
  • Continue to leverage proven, time-tested OEM vehicles
  • Increase driver satisfaction while reducing maintenance costs
  • Promote your commitment to environmental protection and sustainability goals

The XL Hybrid system installs quickly and easily onto factory vehicles, either as a ship-thru upfit or a retrofit of an in-service vehicle. The Isuzu NPR-HD equipped with the XL Hybrid system is ready to fit right into your existing fleet with:

  • No driver training
  • No charging infrastructure
  • No additional maintenance
  • No electric range concerns

Today’s fleet managers are motivated to pursue electrification, but are often held back by the many challenges associated with that effort. XL Fleet eliminates those challenges and helps fleets move toward their sustainability goals right away with an upfitting process that’s operationally frictionless and complete within hours.


The Isuzu NPR-HD is often used for applications requiring frequent acceleration and deceleration, such as utility service, food and beverage distribution, and last-mile delivery—making it an ideal fit for XL Fleet’s hybrid electric drive system upfit. Drivers can get their jobs done while driving cleaner, more fuel-efficient vehicles that require fewer trips to the gas station and offer a reduced carbon footprint.


XL Fleet’s electrified drivetrain solutions are immediately available on new as well as in-service vehicles. If you’re looking to begin electrifying your fleet this year—whether it’s a new or existing vehicle in your fleet—XL Fleet offers a flexible and immediate path to sustainability.

For a closer look at the Isuzu NPR and other vehicles equipped with XL Fleet’s hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric systems, visit, email, or call 1-833-XL-FLEET.

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