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Kenworth makes a fair point that’s hard to argue with: “These days, you’re bound to be looking for better ways to squeeze more value out of every business asset—especially your trucks. A tough assignment if you operate in congested urban environments where length and weight restrictions can severely affect payload and profitability.” The Kenworth K370, a Class 7 model and one of the most reliable, efficient, and productive heavy-duty trucks ever to hit North America, may be just the solution.


The K370 provides a comfortable, quiet, fully-trimmed cab. Standard features include a multi-function steering wheel with adjustable steering column, power heated mirrors and windows, cruise control, Bluetooth capable audio, and push-button drive for Allison 5- or 6-speed automatic transmissions.
The dash has a contemporary design that presents easy to see, critical driving information. The five-inch color master display module consolidates speed, engine rpm, oil level, fuel consumption, trip data, fault codes, outside air temperature, turbo pressure, PTO counter, service inspections, and more.
“This high, wide, and handsome interior measures 82.5 inches door-to-door. A clean, low profile floor eases cross-cab access. And best-in-class headroom makes even the tallest crew member feel welcome. Kenworth’s fully adjustable air cushion driver’s seat and spacious two-person bench come standard,” according to Kenworth.
The K370’s state-of-the-art practical technologies merge with world-class ergonomics to enhance safety, reduce fatigue, and enable drivers to perform at peak efficiency. “A lockable compartment under the bench seat offers additional secure, out-of-sight storage for valuables, extra tools, and equipment. The optional single passenger seat configuration also offers a large locking center console that conveniently consolidates additional storage, cup holders, parking brake, control knob for master display functions, 12-volt power supply, and the all new push button shifting system for Allison automatic transmissions,” according to Kenworth.
Featured Image: Kenworth’s K370 LCF (pictured left) next to Kenworth’s conventional T270 (pictured right).
Above: Every detail of the K370 is thoughtfully engineered to keep the driver informed, in control, and on schedule.

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Every detail of the K370 is thoughtfully engineered to keep the driver informed, in control, and on schedule. Design features that make the K370 a top choice for urban use, include:

  • Safer, fatigue reduced entry and exit
  • Spacious, quiet cab featuring comfortable and contemporary ergonomics and finish
  • Easy to see and quick to reach gauges, switches, and controls
  • High-tech master information module delivering real-time data at a glance
  • Simple, push-button shifting

The K370’s short BBC dimension and 55-degree wheel cut combine to maximize urban access achievement. Standard equipment includes the proven, reliable, and fuel efficient PACCAR PX-7 engine paired with an Allison 5- or 6-speed automatic transmission offering the power, acceleration, and torque you need in the city.


Kenworth designed the K370 to make daily maintenance checks easy: “Merely open the front access panel and—with feet firmly on the ground—you can check the levels and fill engine oil, coolant, and washer fluid.” The hydraulic assist 55-degree cab tilt allows your mechanic complete access to the engine, transmission, air filter, and power steering reservoir.


The K370 was designed to maximize payload potential. “Starting at only 10,000 lbs, this light-weight yet extremely durable chassis features proven North American-supplied components assembled with the meticulous care and craftsmanship that marks Kenworth quality,” according to Kenworth. The K370 is constructed of 120,000 psi steel, providing a 34-inch rail spacing and state-of-the-art complex reflector headlamps to increase the safety of night driving.
Kenworth knows that the reliability and moneymaking potential of your business relies on the dependability of your support system. That’s why, according to Kenworth, “The minute you take delivery of your Kenworth, you gain 24/7 access to one of the most extensive and reliable parts and service organizations in the trucking industry.
“People who know your truck inside out and can show you how to lower operating expenses, maximize uptime, optimize truck performance, and profit from your investment. Comprehensive preventive maintenance programs, expedited servicing, complimentary roadside assistance, and cost management service cards are among the valuable programs available through Kenworth PremierCare®.”


Kenworth Truck Company, a PACCAR company, is the manufacturer of The World’s Best® heavy- and medium-duty trucks. Find out more about the K370 and other Kenworth products and services, visit


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