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record crowd gathered at Hino’s booth during The Work Truck Show earlier this month to see what’s never been done before by Hino. With a 360-degree display and a hype video that sent chills down viewers’ backs, the company revealed its new, first-ever Class 8 truck, while adding to its lineup of Class 7 trucks. Engineered in North America and assembled in North America, this truck has the potential to become the new standard on our side of the pond.

“Considering our remarkable success in Class 4-7 in North America and our growing global presence in the Class 8 market, entering the North American heavy-duty segment makes for the next logical step. Not to mention our customers and our dealer network have been asking for this for some time,” says Yoshinori Noguchi, president and CEO of Hino Trucks North America.

Loyal Hino customers can finally build their heavy-duty arsenals with the 2020 Hino XL Series. The Hino Class 7 (XL7) and Class 8 (XL8) are just what the fleet managers ordered, loaded with a classy interior and legendary diesel power, this series has the goods.


The Hino A09 Turbo Diesel engine is the core of the XL Series’ strength. The 6-cylinder engine provides 300-360 hp and 900-1,150 lb-ft of torque. A09 engines have a B10 life rating of one million miles (that’s six zeros)!

In addition to power, Hino engines have ultra-high pressure common rail systems and newly improved combustion chambers, creating remarkable fuel savings, and further with the adoptions of a highly efficient cooled EGR system and DPR that is most effective to remove PM (particulate matter). These create realized clean emissions and comprise the reasons why Hino engines have a good reputation around the world.

The Hino XL Series will be offered in a host of straight truck and tractor configurations ranging from a GVWR of 33,000 to 60,000 lbs and GCWR up to 66,000 lbs. With available wheel base selections of up to 304 inches and tandem axle and fifth wheel configurations, this truck was designed with versatility in mind.

Featured Image: The Hino XL Series, powered by Hino’s legendary A09 turbo diesel 8.9-L inline 6-cylinder engine, will be offered in a host of straight truck and tractor configurations with max performance of 360 hp and 1,150 lb-ft torque.
Hino Trucks XL Series features a bold interior cab design with easy access entry and automotive grade finish.


“The first thing you notice is the styling—the aerodynamic yet bold design could proudly represent any business,” says Glenn Ellis, vice president of customer experience at Hino.

Be the envy of other heavy-duty drivers with Hino’s rich design and an automotive-grade quality finish. The interior is sleek and sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. An air-ride cab and driver’s seat is standard, putting layers of air between you and those inevitably rough roads on your route.

Hino can’t stop, and won’t stop, with luxury features such as hands-free Bluetooth calling and audio. Add steering wheel controls, a large LCD information center display, cruise control, and air conditioning, and you’ll call your cab “Home 2.0.,” not to mention the enhancement of operator effectiveness.

Hino’s telematics system, Hino Insight, is standard on all models. Combining telematics, remote diagnostics (RD), and case management (CM), Hino Insight puts critical vehicle and driver management tools in the palm of your hand.


Before a driver even turns the ignition of the truck, Hino has safety in mind. Designed for easy, safe entry and exit, grab handles, deep all-weather grip steps, and extra wide door openings deliver optimal safety features.

LED headlights, a high seating position, and a 2,385 sq inch windshield come standard and offer maximum driver visibility. A radar-based collision mitigation system is available, providing active braking on moving and stationary vehicles. Electronic stability control comes standard on the tractor, automatically intervening during the risk of directional instability that could lead to loss of vehicle control or rollover. A camera-based system with lane departure warning is available, reducing road run-offs, side swipes, and head-on collisions due to driver inattention or fatigue.

Hino’s legendary A09 turbo diesel 8.9-L inline 6-cylinder engine

Roadside assistance is available 24/7 and standard for three years on all Hino trucks. Unlimited mileage HinoWatch includes lockout, out of fuel, battery jumpstart, and warranty towing. Preventive maintenance saves money and increases uptime across your entire fleet. HinoCare multiyear programs allow you to align your needs with your long-term goals for cost management.


Although Hino revealed these models earlier this month at The Work Truck Show, they won’t be available to purchase for quite some time. Hino will take orders in October 2018, and production of the Hino XL7 and XL8 starts early next year. Assembly will take place in Mineral Wells, West Virginia, at the fully renovated one million sq ft state-of-the-art production facility Hino acquired in 2017.


Hino Trucks, a Toyota Group Company, assembles, sells, and services a lineup of Class 4-8 diesel commercial trucks in the United States. Hino Trucks offers a product lineup of fully connected vehicles with low total cost of ownership, superior fuel economy, reliability, and maneuverability. Hino has a network of over 230 dealers nationwide. Find out more, visit



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