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The Volvo VNR Electric


Volvo VNR Electric

Volvo did its research and discovered that the application best suited for electric trucks is local and regional delivery applications. For those in food and beverage distribution and pickup and delivery looking for a “green,” heavy-duty addition to their fleet, stop your searching.


Meet all your delivery needs in a fully electric truck that offers 455 hp and up to 4,051 lb-ft of torque. The truck’s electric drivetrain also features a 2-speed I-Shift automated Volvo transmission for smooth driving. A four-battery system is the standard offering, but an enhanced battery system is available with six batteries. It is available as a tractor with a 4×2, 6×2, or 6×4, and it’s available as a straight truck with a 4×2 or 6×2 option.

The Volvo VNR Electric features a range of 275 miles on one charge. This is possible with its 565 kWh battery capacity from the enhanced six-battery system. And with the six-battery system, you can charge up to 80% within just 90 minutes with a 250kW charger. Better yet, charge up to 80% in just one hour with the VNR Electric’s standard four-battery system. With these fast charge times, the trucks can run multiple routes in a single day.Both the six-battery system and four-battery system come with built-in protection in the battery cage; there is also a side impact protection barrier built into the mounting system of the battery box to ensure both safety and longevity. Additionally, because the battery is the most expensive piece of the driveline, the Volvo Trucks Uptime Center remotely monitors the battery 24/7 to ensure efficient operations from both an operator’s standpoint and an electrical standpoint.

Best of all, those who already know and love diesel-powered VNRs will be pleased to know that with the VNR Electric, Volvo didn’t revolutionize the truck—it just revolutionized the way it’s powered. In the VNR Electric, drivers will experience the same visibility, safety, and maneuverability of VNRs they currently drive. 


Not only is the Volvo VNR Electric a viable green alternative to local delivery applications, it’s also a safe ride. It features Volvo’s latest safety technology such as Volvo Active Driver Assist, a forward collision avoidance technology that uses radars and cameras. The VNR Electric also features lane departure warnings.

Volvo also provides its Volvo Gold Contract to every new VNR Electric owner. The Volvo Gold Contract gives owners full support from Volvo electric truck dealers with authorized parts and service. It also offers remote diagnostics with battery monitoring. The Volvo Gold Contract includes scheduled and preventive maintenance, chassis coverage, electromobility coverage, towing, and more. With the Volvo Gold Contract, new VNR Electric owners can rest assured that as they embark on the journey to zero emissions, Volvo will be with them every step of the way.


As previously mentioned, Volvo’s goal with the VNR Electric wasn’t to revolutionize the truck—just how it’s powered. Because of that, the VNR Electric features the same interior and features that make a VNR a VNR. With a VNR Electric, there’s no familiarizing yourself with new knobs or a new dash layout. From an interior feature standpoint, drivers might think they are in the same VNR.

Although the VNR Electric is still the same VNR drivers know, drivers of the electric truck will immediately realize differences from its diesel counterpart. However, those differences are beneficial. First, the truck is extremely quiet, and it also doesn’t idle. This contributes to less fatigue after a long day of deliveries, but it also requires the driver’s attention and adjustment. With a truck so quiet, drivers might forget it’s running.

Building something revolutionary doesn’t require removing all the good parts of the previous edition. Sometimes creating something revolutionary builds on the foundation of something already great and making it better. That’s just what Volvo did with the Volvo VNR Electric.


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