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Mitsubishi FE160

The FUSO FE160 is a Class 4, medium-duty work truck rated at 15,995 lbs GVWR, with a maximum body/payload capacity of 10,490 lbs. Powered by a 4-cylinder, twin-turbocharged, dual-overhead-cam diesel engine coupled to a 6-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission, the FE160 has been purpose-designed to provide the best fuel economy in its segment and low emissions as a versatile fleet delivery and vocational work truck. A high-efficiency, electrically engaged cooling fan, which operates only when truly needed, helps reduce engine load and boost fuel economy even further.


The FE160 incorporates a robust (56,565-psi yield-strength/400,410 lb-in rbm-per-rail), 33.5-inch straight ladder frame, which supports a full array of body types and makes body mounting easy. Wheelbases range from 110 inches to 187 inches, accommodating bodies from 10 ft to 20 ft (22 ft with FUSO review/approval). A 30-gallon, in-frame fuel tank is standard, with a 33-gallon side-mounted tank optional.
Thanks to the FE160’s tight turning radius, it is particularly maneuverable, which makes it an excellent choice for urban delivery. Interesting fact: The shortest-wheelbase FE160 has a tighter turning diameter than a Mini Cooper—34.1 ft for the FE160 vs 35.1 ft for the Mini. With its large front windshield and cab-over-engine configuration, the FE160 also gives the driver a clear sightline to the ground, just eight ft in front of the truck. By contrast, sightline-to-ground distances for typical conventional medium-duty trucks is in the range of 25 ft.
That’s another plus for the FE160’s use in urban and suburban neighborhood operation.
For driver comfort and convenience, this FUSO workhorse comes standard with factory-installed air conditioning; power-operated windows with one-touch up and down control on the driver’s side; an optional Clarion, hands-free Bluetooth AM/FM/CD; tilt/telescoping steering wheel with steering lock; standard programmable cruise-control; and keyless entry with driver/assistant door-lock control.
For operation in jurisdictions with idle-limiting regulations, the FE160 can also be outfitted with an optional Idle-Limit-System (ILS), dealer-programmable at three, five or 10 minutes, which will automatically shut off the engine when the truck is stationary, in park, or neutral for the set time. To prevent nuisance shut-offs at start-of-shift or after meal breaks, the ILS engages only after normal operating temperature has been achieved.


To help drivers operate more carefully, and to help fleets reduce their insurance and repair costs, FUSO has introduced Mobileye 6-Series Collision Avoidance Systems in all of its 2017 model year trucks, including the FE160.
The Mobileye system’s forward-looking sensors act as a “third eye” and can detect and warn of an imminent rear-collision at any vehicle speed, with up to 2.7 seconds of advanced notice. Urban forward-collision warning is active at speeds under 19 mph, and can also serve as a virtual bumper, or forward parking aid. During daylight hours, a pedestrian collision warning icon and tone is active at speeds under 31 mph.
According to Otto Schmid, FUSO’s director, Product Management, “Driver efficiency and safety have a direct impact on the bottom line for all of our FUSO customers. To help them in this area, we have tested the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System in regular fleet operations and it has proved itself in those tests to reduce the number of incidents that trigger warnings for tailgating, lane departure, urban collision, and rural or highway collision by an average of 50 percent.”
The study conducted by FUSO also showed that, where drivers received specific training in system safety detection and operation, reductions were significantly higher. “We’re confident the Mobileye System can be a real advantage for our customers, not only in fleet safety, but also in helping to reduce insurance costs and driver turnover,” adds Schmid.


Because of its versatility and efficiency, the FUSO FE160 has been adapted to nearly every medium-duty transportation service, including beverage, catering, refrigerated and dry cargo delivery, vehicle recovery, towing, pest control, plumbing, light construction, and landscaping.
FUSO, though, has studied its customers’ business case for the FE160 as much as the demands they might place on the truck itself. Because of the high cost-of-entry for many businesses, the company has noted that truck purchases are not always made when the need for a new vehicle first arises. And, that can cause efficiency problems that exacerbate the owner’s ability to accumulate purchase cash. Consequently, FUSO has developed a special program, called FUSOComplete, designed to help business owners upgrade to newer model trucks when the initial need is identified.
The FUSOComplete program, a partnership among FUSO, Morgan Corporation, and Daimler Truck Financial, is designed to put customers painlessly into a new FE160. The FUSOComplete vehicle package is comprised of a 2017MY FUSO FE160 with a 151-inch wheelbase and a 16-ft Morgan aluminum van body, and features customer-selectable configuration options of 85- or 91-inch inside height, and plywood or slat lining, as well as body options, such as one or two rows of recessed e-track, Maxon TE-20 liftgate, or Waltco CW20 liftgate.
Acquisition can be based on a three- or four-year lease or outright purchase at aggressive financing rates, and includes secondary freight from the customer’s nearest Morgan location.
Next year, FUSO is also gearing up for the market introduction of its first ever gasoline-powered truck. Offered in Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5 versions, the FUSO gas models will feature a 6-liter V8 and will be the first FUSO vehicles to be assembled in the US—by Freightliner Custom Chassis Corporation.


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