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The Autocar DC-64


The folks at Autocar made a bold statement when they decided to trademark the brand’s severe-duty Class 8 vocational truck series as “BADASS.” But does the DC-64 truly live up to its trademark?

“The DC-64D is expertly configured and solves many industry issues not addressed by other suppliers,” says Eric Schwartz, president of Autocar Truck. “Unlike any other vehicle in the North American heavy-duty commercial truck market, Autocar Trucks are vocational, pre-engineered for seamless body integration, and don’t require significant structural modifications. As such, our trucks are safer, more structurally sound, and are engineered to have a longer life span, which lowers the TCO (total cost of ownership) and adds to our ‘Always Up’ promise. This truck is truly BADASS.”

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Recenlty, Autocar added the DC-64D Dump Truck to its ‘BADASS’ truck series, upholding the brand’s 120-year tradition of truck innovation and adding to what Autocar touts is the oldest line of specialized severe-duty vocational trucks in North America. But what makes the truck so ‘badass’?

Autocar built the DC-64 from the ground up, designing it to handle the most challenging jobs in the industry. In order to build a workhorse capable of handling the most challenging jobs, Autocar collaborated with key industry experts with more than 200 years of severe-duty truck experience to direct the DC-64’s design. The result offers vocational power, driver comfort, and a workhorse that’s versatile enough for several vocational applications.


The DC-64’s power comes from multiple Cummins engine options: the L9, X12, and ISX12N CNG series. These engine options provide performance, fuel economy, and lower operating costs per mile—all backed by Cummins’ service and parts network. Additionally, the new X12 offers access to the Single Module aftertreatment system with more efficiency and service access from Cummins. The Cummins X15 will be available in the DC-64 in 2022.

Although power is required to do the job and do it well, serviceability is another aspect to be considered when buying a severe-duty work truck. That’s why Autocar designed the DC-64 with best-in-class routing and clipping and electrical serviceability through its electrical system that offers easy diagnostics and repairs. Water-sealed connectors are located in easy-to-reach areas for fault finding and testing. Breathable harness coverings provide protection to keep out water, chemicals, dirt, and debris. Finally, improved routing from the bottom frame flange and a Hellerman Titan clamping system support the harness every 12 inches.

Choosing Cummins engines also has its perks. The Cummins single module aftertreatment system requires less active regeneration and offers easy serviceability. The exhaust aftertreatment cover, with eight fasteners, provides easy, unobstructed access for DPF replacement in mere minutes.

With Autocar, great power collides with great serviceability.


A powerful and serviceable truck might be great for business, but driveability and safety are great for driver retention. Thankfully, the DC-64 features a spacious and functional cab—perfect for anyone whose office chair is their truck’s driver’s seat. But the cab isn’t just spacious and functional, it also makes driving less stressful with 325-degree all-around visibility for the driver. This is due to 30% more window surface area than competitive trucks. The DC-64 is also the only Class 8 vocational truck with rear-corner wrap-around windows to improve rear visibility, another win for the driver. Additionally, a 7-inch information display gives drivers all the information they need at a glance, minimizing distraction. The information it provides also helps technicians get drivers back on the road after maintenance.

Further, a large part of driver comfort is driver safety—of which the DC-64 delivers. The truck’s cab features all-welded steel construction, providing protection in the event of a roll-over incident. Its frame rail material’s yield strength is 160,000 psi, and its RBM is 3.91 lb-inch. Additionally, Autocar builds every DC-64 with dual Sheppard M100 steering gears. As a result, the DC-64 (with a 112-inch BBC) receives a wheel cut of up to 50 degrees, offering easy steering and maneuverability.

If drivers are ever in a pinch, Autocar also offers its Always Up 24/7 factory support as well as direct-to-customer sales support with vocational experts.


A truck this purpose-built for the vocational sector should be available for the most severe applications. And it is! The DC-64 is available in four different vocational applications: DC-64R for refuse, DC-64M for mixers, DC-64P for pump, and DC-64D for dump. Autocar equips the DC-64R with Galfab roll-off hoists. Models include the Galfab OR60 174 Series, OR60 194 Series, and OR75 194 Series. The DC-64R also features exceptional rail strength and a tight turning radius. The DC-64M was built for mixer guys by mixer guys. It features specialized suspension, frame rails, and cab and electrical features to withstand any challenge mixer operations can throw at it.

An RS Godwin SCS dump body outfits the new DC-64D for dump. Made of Hardox steel, the Godwin body offers durability while weighing less—and that means more payload capacity. Autocar built the DC-64D Dump Truck solely for dump applications. Partnerships with dump body manufacturers made this feat possible through parallel engineering of essential dump body mount features. This helped Autocar achieve its mission to deliver the highest level of integration in the industry.

So, does the Autocar DC-64 live up to its trademark? I guess you’d have to be a ‘badass’ yourself to find out.


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