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The Autocar DC-64


Autocar, LLC made a bold statement when deciding to trademark its DC-64 severe-duty Class 8 vocational truck series as “BADASS.” Since then, the brand has lived up to the trademark with the DC-64D dump truck and DC-64 truck series.


For almost 125 years, the Autocar brand has carried a legacy of truck innovation and stands as the oldest brand of specialized severe-duty vocational trucks in North America.

The DC-64 series consists of custom-built severe-duty conventional trucks built for specialized applications. Building on the brand’s longstanding history, Autocar’s DC-64 conventional Class 8 truck line was relaunched in 2019 with its DC-64R for refuse applications. In 2020 the DC-64M for concrete mixers and the DC-64P for concrete pump applications were brought to market. And in 2021, Autocar announced the DC-64D dump truck. 

Autocar started from the ground up with the DC-64, designing the truck to handle the most challenging, toughest duty cycle jobs in the industry. Through collaborations with key industry experts with a combined experience of over 200 years in severe-duty trucking, Autocar designed the DC-64 for the best operating experience. The result is a “badass” truck that offers driver comfort and a workhorse that’s versatile enough to fit the needs of several vocations.

“The DC-64 series is expertly configured and solves many industry issues that other suppliers do not address in their options,” says Jimmy Johnston, president of Autocar Trucks. “Autocar is the only American-owned original equipment manufacturer 100% dedicated to vocational, custom-engineered trucks with seamless body integration, ridding the requirement of structural modifications. These innovations make our trucks safer, more structurally sound, and engineered to have a longer life span benefiting customers with a lower TCO (total cost of ownership) and the ‘Always Up’ promise.”


While a robust and serviceable truck is excellent for business, drivability and focus on the operator are top priorities for Autocar. Regardless of the application, the DC-64 offers the safety of all-welded steel construction, offering added protection in the event of a roll-over accident. Autocar’s DC-64 is the only vocational truck with 160,000 psi frame rails with a resistance bending moment (RBM) of 3.91 lb-inch. In addition, every DC-64 Autocar builds is equipped with dual Sheppard M100 steering gears, increasing the wheel cut to up to 50 degrees for easy steering and maneuverability.

If an operator ever finds themselves in need of help, they can use Autocar’s award-winning, best-in-class Always Up 24/7 direct factory support to access Autocar technicians and sales support experts from each vocation.

Operators of the DC-64 love the spacious and functional cab and perfect office chair—the front seat. Though the DC-64 driver ergonomics go beyond space and function, it also can help reduce stress from driving with its 325-degree all-around visibility and 30% more window surface area than competitor models. The DC-64 is full of wins for operators, including being the only Class 8 vocational truck with wrap-around windows in the rear corners to increase visibility and reduce blind spots and the greatest windshield rake in the industry at 32 degrees. 

Additionally, a 7-inch Smart Display in the DC-64 cab includes information operators need at a glance, which helps minimize operator distraction. The DC-64 trucks come with what the brand calls built-in diagnostics, designed to provide electrical diagnostics reports, access to service intervals, bodybuilder and operator manuals, and access to 3D schematics, all viewable on the 7-inch Smart Display. The information on the display helps technicians discover and rectify maintenance issues faster to help get operators back on the road.


The DC-64 finds its power from multiple Cummins engine options: the X12, L9, and ISX12N CNG series. These engine options allow for higher performance, fuel economy, and lower operating costs per mile—backed by Cummins’ service and parts network. Trucks with an X12 engine also have access to the Single Module after-treatment systems developed to meet customer needs with more efficiency and service access from Cummins.

While power is necessary to do the job, Autocar knows serviceability is another aspect to consider when purchasing a severe-duty work truck. With this in mind, Autocar designed the DC-64 electrical system for easy diagnostics and repairs with a best-in-class routing, clipping, and electrical serviceability. Water-sealed connectors are easy to reach, making fault finding and testing accessible. Breathable harness coverings protect the system from elements like water, chemicals, dirt, and debris. Lastly, a Hellerman Titan clamping system and improved routing from the bottom frame flange supports the system every 12 inches.


The DC-64 series is custom engineered to perform in almost any vocation or jobsite application. The company’s fourth iteration of Autocar’s DC-64 severe-duty Class 8 line, the DC-64D Dump Truck, is designed specifically and only for dump applications. The award-winning DC-64D is a relentless workhorse that is purpose built to handle the vocation’s most rugged terrains and challenges. When you are transporting heavy payloads, you need a reliable and durable truck to handle the requirements of construction, engineering, or mining applications, and the DC-64 is the answer.

A DC-64D for dump outfitted with an RS Godwin SCS dump body made of Hardox steel offers durability while weighing less than typical dump bodies. This creates more room for payload capacity. Additionally, its 80,000-lb capacity tow loops are designed to tow or pull with confidence.


Delivering the highest level of body integration, Autocar partners with body manufacturers for parallel engineering of body installation, pre-engineering chassis layout, and pre-wiring components. The advanced body integration work done at the Autocar factory helps speed up the body integration process, improves quality, and ultimately increases reliability and uptime. Treating the dump chassis and body as one complete tool helps Autocar achieve its mission to deliver the highest level of integration in the industry.

Designed and assembled in the Autocar manufacturing plant in Birmingham, Alabama, the DC-64D Dump Truck is simple and efficient, with the dump vocation in mind helping to improve performance and operating costs.  

Now to answer the question, does the Autocar DC-64D dump truck represent its ‘BADASS’ trademark? You’ll just have to find out.


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