Showcasing the Kenworth T880


Not only is a Kenworth T880 a practical choice for your work truck fleet, it’s also seen by some as a perfect truck to help market their business.

Maybe it isn’t enough that your work truck be capable. Maybe it isn’t enough that your truck is a driver favorite. Maybe what you’re looking for is something that’s capable, loved by your drivers, and also catches the eye of a potential customer. We don’t want to downplay how imperative it is that your truck be capable or a driver favorite—that’s why we discuss what makes the Kenworth T880 capable and lovable below. But there’s also that eye-catching aspect that many owners look for. We’re not here to tell you about how marketable the Kenworth T880 is … we just know someone else who can. Keep reading to find out what makes this truck a top choice for fleet owners in the work truck industry.


The Kenworth T880 is available with two engines: the PACCAR MX-13 and PACCAR MX-11. The MX-13 is a 12.9-L engine that delivers increased horsepower and torque for those heavy loads at steep grades that you deal with on a regular basis in the construction industry. It offers up to 510 hp with peak torque at 1,850 lb-ft. The MX-11 is a 10.8-L engine that is a great option for those concerned with weight savings in bulk haul and ready-mix applications. It offers up to 430 hp with 1,650 lb-ft of peak torque.

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Both engines feature a high pressure common rail fuel system and compacted graphite iron (CGI) material for improved strength while reducing weight. Pair either engine with your choice of transmission, be it the PACCAR automated, Eaton UltraShift Plus automated, Fuller manual, Allison automatic, or other transmission options to meet specific needs.

A main component of the core aside from the powertrain is the truck’s chassis. The Kenworth T880 rests on a frame and crossmembers that are durable yet lightweight. It features durable, one-piece aluminum crossmembers with customizable locations to fit specific application upfits. The chassis features a PACCAR, Meritor, or Dana suspension system. Choose between the PACCAR 20,000 and 22,800 or the 12,000 to 23,000 Meritor or Dana suspensions in the front and up to 26,000-lb rating per axle in the rear. The T880’s fuel system also features upfit-specific options with tank size, heavy-duty 7-inch strap options, polished options, wide step, and raised options.


What starts with a powerful core is complemented by a choice of three different configurations in the Kenworth T880. The T880 MX Optimized Hood configuration—best suited for dump, vacuum, refuse, tanker, bulk haul, and ready mix applications—features a set-back axle designed for productivity, weight distribution, and flexibility in body-mounted applications. The T880 Standard Hood features the “standard” set-back front axle configuration. It offers a foundation for a variety of tough applications such as dump, heavy haul, and logging. Finally the T880S Set-Forward Front Axle configuration is great for demanding payload requirements in a bridge-law compliant wheelbase. This configuration is preferred for ready mix, dump, crane, and municipal.

The task to design the body of the Kenworth T880 wasn’t taken lightly. Design aspects from a sloped hood to a comfortable driving environment ensure the truck is ready for a full day’s worth of work. The hood was designed for easy replacement for maximum uptime. An optional pre-cleaner and optional forward fender close-out accessory are designed to keep dust and mud at bay, protecting the chassis and powertrain. For the drivers, Kenworth’s reflector halogen headlamps offer projector-beam performance without the added costs; the T880 door, triple sealed to reduce noise, features a door pad for added details and craftsmanship; and the cowl-mounted side mirrors offer better stability, while the convex portion of the mirror is 37% larger than Kenworth’s standard convex mirror design. Speaking of drivers’ benefits…


The cab of a Kenworth T880 is more like a command center. This is due to the Kenworth Driver Performance Center. The Center offers information on vehicle and safety systems, performance, and fuel tracking. Information is displayed on a 5-inch full color screen, telling drivers everything they need to know about efficiency and performance.

Additionally, Kenworth’s NAV+ HD assists drivers with a range of features. The 7-inch touchscreen gives drivers access to navigation, hands-free calling, vehicle data, roadside assistance, audio controls, the blind-spot camera, and the internet.

For issues that go beyond the cab, Kenworth has you covered with TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics and Service Management. This system sends instant notifications to your fleet managers if a truck’s fault code is triggered, giving proactive diagnostic and assistance with fault code analysis. This helps fleets determine the best course of action for their operations. If the fleet manager decides to send the truck to the dealership, Kenworth dealers will already have access to the fault code diagnostics through TruckTech+, streamlining your truck’s service.

The Service Management side of TruckTech+ allows you to manage service events through a web portal. This speeds up communication, centralizes asset information, and eliminates error-prone data entry. With the web portal, managers can schedule maintenance, collaborate with Kenworth’s service team, obtain real-time visibility of the service event process, and gain access to real-time analytics and decision support tools. Rest assured, no matter what lies ahead on the road in front of you, Kenworth will be there every mile of the journey.


Not only is a Kenworth T880 a practical choice for your work truck fleet, it’s also seen by some as a perfect truck to help market their business. When Dervin Witmer founded Dig-it Excavating, he knew the way he marketed his business would be instrumental in achieving success. “As soon as we were in a position to purchase equipment that we believed would support our marketing goals, we began adding Kenworth T880s,” Witmer says.

Dig-it Excavating began adding Kenworth T880s to its fleet in 2015. Witmer said his drivers noted the T880’s enhanced visibility and tight turning radius. “Many of our jobsite locations require our drivers to navigate tight roads and back-in frequently. The T880’s maneuverability is top-notch and makes our drivers’ job a little easier when they’re servicing customers in areas that are difficult to get to,” he says.

According to Witmer, the company consistently posts pictures of its Kenworth T880s at work on the company’s website and on its social media pages. “We get the best of both worlds with our Kenworth T880s—a marketing tool that assists our efforts to grow the business, backed by the overall performance we expected when we decided to purchase them,” Witmer says.

When your bases are covered—capable, lovable, and marketable—your business will go as far as the pavement and then some in a Kenworth T880.


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