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Route Optimization Company Offers Free Service in the Interest of Public Health, Safety Amid Pandemic

Route4Me, a Dynamic Route Optimization™ platform, offers its available services free of charge to all government agencies at the federal, city, and municipality level around the world in the interest of public health and safety.

Route4Me works in almost every country because it is powered by Google Maps. The service will be available as an unlimited free subscription until the peak of the Coronavirus public threat has passed. Public officials simply sign up for a free trial, which adds any number of team members to a trial account.

“We have proprietary and patented technology, which can significantly increase work efficiency and help achieve a 300% improvement on most work activities without adding additional people or staff,” founder and CEO Dan Khasis explains. “Driver shortages existed before the pandemic, but things have gotten much worse. Our technology will help plan the shortest, fastest, and most optimal driving routes, and it will also help track the location and progress of each task and route destination. Gaining visibility into activities completed by employees, contractors, or volunteers is very powerful when every minute of activity helps others.”


  • Touchless/“no contact” delivery of goods or services;
  • Forward deploying ambulances or sterilization teams to areas with a high density of elderly individuals;
  • Distribution of food from food banks or other donation centers to at-risk individuals;
  • Enhanced/temporarily modified/increased sanitation pickup routes;
  • Expedited laundry sterilization routes for hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities;
  • Pickup and drop off for non-emergency medical transport services (NEMT);
  • Distribution of school breakfast and/or lunch to children or seniors who depend on a meal program;
  • Optimized pickup routes of donations from the community who would like to contribute non-perishable items. Deliveries will go to a food bank or directly to those who need it.


Routes that are planned on Route4Me’s website can be distributed to employees or volunteers. Assigned work will synchronize directly into their smartphone, and their progress will be tracked into a centralized management dashboard. If appropriate, the system can also calculate payment for services.

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