Product Showcase November 2020



Worksport introduces its new tonneau covers equipped with solar panels to capture solar energy for use with tools, gadgets, and anything else that might need a power boost throughout the work day. TerraVis captures and stores up to an estimated 3kW of power in battery packs that line the bed of a contractor’s truck. Within the battery pack, Worksport provides one unit that houses a 4,000W AC inverter and features two 2,000W outlets for tools and devices. This unit is also fully portable and can fast-charge from the bed-mounted battery banks in only 15 to 30 minutes.


Insight Versafit

Introducing the Insight® Versafit clip-on Sunvisor system. Rosen constructed the visor with all the rugged characteristics and positional articulation customers have come to expect from Rosen’s aviation, marine, and military visors but developed it with simple clip-on technology for ease of use on a wide range of cars, trucks, and rigs. The clamping feature adjusts to most any vehicles standard cloth or vinyl visor. Maximum factory visor depth for clamp is 10 3/4-inches, minimum 5 1/4-inch. Standard lens widths accommodate virtually all vehicle types. They feature a slide rail, third axis tilt, and rotational positioning.


185 Underdeck System

The BOSSAIR 185 is the most advanced underdeck Rotary Screw compressor package to date. This system takes up no deck space, frees up your tow hitch, and is cost efficient. In addition, the compressor is lightweight, having fewer parts, and runs off a vehicle engine. If the truck runs, the compressor runs when activated through Bossair’s state-of-the-art B-CAN Digital Interface. This design allows you the option to choose up to 185 CFM and up to 220 PSI. Generators, welders, and hydraulic systems may be integrated with the BOSSAIR 185 kit or in-house installation.


Weight Systems

Maximize your legal load and avoid fines with LoadPro. Lightweight, rugged, and low-cost solid-state electronic sensors deliver high accuracy of greater than 2.5% where it counts: 90-100% GVW. The system is easy to install without welding or fabrication. Due to its technology, no recalibration is required. Loads are displayed for each axle, axle group, gross vehicle weight, and trailers. Without any driver input, clear visual and audio alarms make it simple to stay within the designed and legal limits of your vehicle. LoadPro also supports modern telematics output to facilitate fleet operations.

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