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Duraspar Industrial Performance (IP) from Sherwin-Williams General Industrial offers hide and sag resistance with the aesthetics of an automotive finish, Duraspar IP is used by work truck manufacturers worldwide for improving first pass yield and reducing overall paint process time. Its ability to minimize rework makes it an option for manufacturers looking to improve product quality while minimizing total applied costs. Duraspar IP is designed for application on a variety of work trucks, including cement mixers, tankers, street, and more. industrial.

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Optronics International new, thin, surface-mount-style lamps are the latest additions to Optronics’ family of eight smoke-lens LED lights. First introduced in 2020, Optronics’ blackout lights meet FMVSS 108 and CMVSS 108 compliance when illuminated. The new 9-LED and 11-LED lamps are innovated by using black printed circuit boards inside the lamps, minimizing reflection when the lights are off. Optronics’ smoke-lens lights rely on their high-intensity LEDs to achieve the necessary brightness levels for compliance with federal photometric standards. Thinline lamps’ lenses are made of tough polycarbonate material that is sonically welded and resistant to dust and moisture. The lamps employ a solid-state, surface-mount device design that protects their electronics against moisture, shock, and vibration.



FlowBelow Aero, Inc., AeroFender reduces drag on day- and sleeper-cabs and provides another tool for fleets to improve fuel economy and to reduce CO2 emissions. The low-profile device improves fuel efficiency by re-directing the airflow ahead of and around a power unit’s leading drive axle. At a controlled track test recently by Mesilla Valley Transportation Solutions, the technology saved 1.49 gallons of fuel for every 1,000 miles driven, or 1.44 percent overall. A truck with an AeroFender installed and traveling 125,000 miles per year, can save an estimated 187 gallons of fuel and approximately 4,207.5 pounds of CO2. In addition to the associated fuel savings and environmental upsides, FlowBelow calculates that the ROI on its AeroFender will come in at under one year from the date of its installation.



Link Mfg., Ltd.’s family of LB20 ramps have been reengineered. Seven of the nine ramps now feature two pull-style, gas-spring-assist lifting mechanisms, which are lighter weight. The ramps now feature a lower-profile transition threshold at their top. When stowed, the ramps have a narrow, less than eight-inch silhouette, providing 34 percent more room in the cargo area. LB20’s new base plate has been reduced to 11 inches in depth and features a larger mounting pattern. Dimensions range from 24 to 47 inches in width, accommodating standard hand trucks and other cargo conveyance and wheeled equipment. Link’s bifold ramp lengths vary from 72 to 135 inches, and extended LT30 ramp models reach 119 inches and feature adjustable support mechanisms for added stability. A 42-inch by 108-inch version of the LB20 ramp is also available. All models will come with Link’s wheel kit as a standard feature.

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