Product Showcase June 2022


Bandag B713 FuelTech Drive Tire

Bridgestone’s new Bandag B713 FuelTech drive tire tread is engineered to increase retread value for fleets. The new tread is SmartWay verified and delivers fuel efficiency as well as improved wear life without compromising on traction or reliable performance. Key innovations to the Bridgestone Bandag B713 FuelTech design include a new proprietary compound that delivers longer wear life for more miles of low fuel cost performance, 3D siping for improved traction, and a continuous shoulder design that distributes weight and torque to fight uneven wear. The Bridgestone Bandag B713 FuelTech tread is available in four different sizes: 210, 220, 230, and 240.

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Cargo Safe

The Freight Defense Cargo Safe is the most effective electronic locking system available for roll-up door box trucks and cargo vans. The Cargo Safe is an excellent theft deterrent for OEM manufacturers, fleets, and upfitters looking to maximize the security of their vehicles to protect valuable cargo while increasing speed of delivery. The overhead door version features an “auto-locking” technology while both versions feature remote access that can standalone or integrate into the vehicle’s factory provided door locking system.


Phantom Dual Charger

Dead batteries on liftgates and pallet jacks are a thing of the past. The newest charging solution from solar industry leader Go Power! pairs the best-selling solar charging system with its newest component: The Phantom dual in, dual out charging system. The first of its kind, the Phantom was engineered specifically for charging both liftgate and pallet jack batteries. The Phantom can save time and reduce fuel costs by making deliveries more efficient. 


PCD Trailer

The Felling Trailers PCD, Pole/Cargo/Dump model class is a true workhorse of Felling Trailers’ Utility/Telecom solutions. An operator can carry out a host of transport runs without changing out trailers. The Pole/Cargo/Dump can transport poles, backfill, debris, and even reels with the optional removable reel stands. It is one unit with the functionality of four. Operator safety, functionality, and maintenance are prime factors when any company is looking into equipment acquisition. Thus the PCD’s multi-use capabilities can assure operators many years of reliable, time-saving, trouble-free service. 

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