Monroe Truck Equipment’s ZDumpPro

Monroe Truck Equipment’s ZDumpPro helps landscapers, construction workers, and other contractors efficiently move materials without worry of spill over or safety. 

A dump body is an investment, and the ZDumpPro ensures long-term ROI. The long-lasting corrosion-resistant build is designed to withstand years of rigorous use. It’s also designed with user safety and comfort in mind. 

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The ZDumpPro makes the loading, transportation, and unloading of materials an efficient and streamlined process. Features like easy-to-reach latches and options like the spring return tarp ensure the long-term safety of the materials and the driver. 

“I’ve been buying dump bodies from Monroe Truck Equipment for over 40 years, and they have never let me down,” says Juan Gomez, equipment/facilities manager of HSS Hard Surface Solutions. “They are my number one go-to partner because they are reliable, competitive, and affordable. I would highly recommend Monroe. The turnaround time and service is exceptional.”



  • Rigid sides
  • Fold down sides


  • 2 LED rear strobes
  • 2 LED front grill strobes
  • Mini light bar on self-leveling bracket


  • Steel underbody toolbox
  • Aluminum underbody toolbox
  • Stainless steel underbody toolbox


  • Poly fenders
  • Back-up alarm
  • Back-up camera
  • Spring return tarp
  • Hand crank tarp


There are several aspects to consider to ensure a purchase is a wise investment. These aspects include warranties, partners versus vendors, return on investment, and manufacturer-to-customer partnerships. 

First, warranties help buyers feel secure in their purchase and protect the investment. Choose a product from a work truck manufacturer, such as Monroe Truck Equipment, that offers a clear warranty. Along with warranties, find a manufacturer and dealership to develop a trusted partnership with. While fleet priorities may shift over time, a trustworthy manufacturer and upfitting partner will prove valuable when working toward long-term goals. Further, wise upfitting investments on a work truck can ensure long-term value. When considering the longevity of equipment, the variety of services the fleet provides, and ease of use, long-term value can be truly built into the truck.

Finally, Monroe Truck Equipment strives to develop true and trusted customer partnerships. Monroe serves municipalities and commercial users across the country and works to find solutions for their needs.

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