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NTEA Announces Truck Equipment Electrical Basics Online Courses

NTEA launched Truck Equipment Electrical Basics, a new online course series developed in partnership with e-learning platform Electude.

NTEA designed this offering to provide the industry with fundamental understanding of electrical theory as well as concepts in automotive applications. With these courses, upfitters, engineers, fleet managers, and technicians can increase functional knowledge of truck electrical systems and components. However, the courses do not go into the depth required to design systems and components.

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“We are excited to introduce the industry to our next online course—Truck Equipment Electrical Basics – Measurement, Safety, and Fundamentals,” says David Ehrlich, NTEA director of education. “This is the first in a series focused on electrical basics that will utilize materials developed by our content partner, Electude. These learning modules utilize gamification principles and highly interactive resources that will create a great experience for learners.”

In the first course, participants will learn how to measure voltage as well as resistance and current. They will also learn practices for working with electricity and fundamentals of electrical theory.

“Electrical training has been a long-time need in the work truck industry,” says Steve Spata, NTEA technical assistance director. “Modern vehicle electrical architectures continue to expand and evolve at a high rate. And an understanding of electrical fundamentals is core to anyone involved in upfitting work trucks. We’re very excited to partner with Electude to provide our members with this kind of training in a virtual, hands-on environment that anyone can access.”

Further, the course is a free benefit to NTEA members. It is also eligible for Member Verification Program credit and Continuing Education Units. Nonmembers can purchase for $49. Learn more at

NTEA offers a variety of online education and training opportunities free for NTEA members.

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