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The Monterra is Built for the Toughest Work in the Business



Some jobs are easily accessible. You travel down a newly paved road then park in a nicely kept parking lot. Some jobs require a little 4×4 action, taking you mostly over paved streets then call for the power of all wheels for a mile or two. Some jobs are mostly backroads, over stones, streams, and paths only you and select few have ventured down.

Then there are times when a job has hardly any road access or access is cut off due to a flood, storm damage, or a number of possibilities. For those jobs, you need a truck that can handle more than your everyday heavy-duty machine. For the toughest jobs, you need a vehicle that’s the toughest grade.


Acela Truck Company created a truck for those tough jobs. Acela’s innovation is the development of a process that resets the US Army’s Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) to a near zero-mile/zero-hour condition. Acela then sells the trucks to the commercial market. Originally designed for the Department of Defense’s use in extreme conditions, the Monterra is the most versatile, capable, and reliable machine on the commercial truck market today.

It can tow more, travel to more places, has full-time all-wheel drive, and even has nice technology perks to boot. This truck has received the US Army’s “ultra-reliability” certification for more than 17 years, perhaps due to its outfit of the industry’s most dependable components and design features. Those features include drivetrains, frames, axles, suspensions, and tires specifically designed to withstand the rigors of the harshest and most extreme terrains, such as field combat, surface mining, pipeline construction, coastal restoration, and oil and gas exploration.


Picture it: your worksite is out in the middle of nowhere—over rocks, tree limbs, sand, and possibly even water. You load all your equipment onto your most capable work truck and head out. You’re navigating between boulders, and then suddenly, you don’t have the clearance to travel to that remote worksite. Your truck is too loaded down with supplies and equipment.

That wouldn’t be the case in a Monterra. Even when fully loaded with all your equipment and crew, the Monterra boasts a ground clearance of 22 inches—that’s 8 inches more than any other truck in its class. And, a water fording depth of 30 inches ensures you’re getting where you’re headed, no matter where that is.

The Monterra runs on a 330 hp Caterpillar 7.2-L turbo-charged diesel engine. It features an Allison automatic 7-speed transmission, has 860 lb-ft of torque at 2400 rpm, and reaches a top speed of 74 mph. There are multiple variants of the 4×4 and 6×6 available, providing a perfect fit for your application, and each variant has 90 percent parts commonality. Hello, easy! The Monterra also features a central tire inflation system and an air-ride cab.

The Monterra has a GVWR of 23,600 to 49,000 lbs and a maximum towed load of 21,000 lbs. It has a 58-gallon fuel tank and a range of more than 400 miles. You’ll wonder if your’re driving a work truck or an Army tank.


The Monterra features a commercial-grade trim package and heavy-duty heat and sound insulation. There is an AM/FM and DVD component with a 6.2-inch touchscreen stereo. The cab also features two 2.1A USB power ports for device charging and one 12V cigarette-style plug. Seats are adjustable, high-back, and air-ride equipped. There is also a three-person seat option. Other popular options include high-speed gearing, backup camera, backup alarm, and a trailer tow package.

“From its 46-inch tires up, the Acela Monterra line of trucks offer supreme maneuverability, durability, and customization,” says David Ronsen, president of Acela Truck Company. “With a payload of up to 31,000 lbs, body-builder friendly configurations, and a price tag starting at $95,000 we feel the Monterra is the perfect all-in-one jobsite solution. There is simply no comparison in the North American market today.”

No matter where your work takes you or the amount of equipment you need to haul, Acela’s Monterra is designed to get the job done, even in the most extreme work environments on the planet.


Acela Truck Company has more than 100 years of combined experience in the automotive and transportation industries. Acela was born from a desire to exceed current industry standards for reliability and durability. Find out more about Acela and the Monterra, visit


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