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Lippert and Fontaine Modification Introduce LUVERNE 2-inch Tubular Grille Guard for Chevrolet Silverado Medium-duty Trucks

Fontaine Modification and Lippert Components, Inc. introduce the jointly developed LUVERNE® two-inch Tubular Grille Guard for Chevrolet® Silverado® 4500 HD, 5500 HD, and 6500 HD Chassis Cabs. Made to stand up to the toughest applications, it delivers strength, functionality, and aesthetics. Its heavy-duty tilt-down design maximizes front-end protection and easily folds out of the way when under-hood maintenance is needed.

Lippert Components, Inc. (Lippert™) and Fontaine Modification introduce the jointly developed LUVERNE® 2-inch Tubular Grille Guard for Chevrolet® Silverado® 4500 HD, 5500 HD, and 6500 HD Chassis Cabs.

The 2-inch tubular grille guard features a tilt-down custom design that maximizes front-end protection and increases efficiency. Constructed from a high-strength, 2-inch diameter tubular steel ring assembly, the guard mounts to solid 1/4 inch steel plate uprights. This offers enhanced strength and rigidity. The guard also mounts onto the frame, providing a solid structural base and promoting dependable front-end protection.

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“The new grille guard offers customers three important benefits: strength, functionality, and aesthetics,” says Don Philyaw, Fontaine Modification vice president of business development. “It’s a heavy-duty grille guard made to stand up to tough applications. When the truck needs service, the guard easily tilts out of the way to allow unimpeded access to the engine bay. And, finally, because it was designed specifically for the Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cab lineup, it integrated seamlessly with the truck’s overall appearance.”


To help make vehicle service more efficient, the grille guard features tilting brackets. These brackets allow the guard to easily fold down whenever needed, so technicians can perform maintenance without removing the guard. The companies engineered this feature to complement the Chevrolet Silverado 4500 HD, 5500 HD, and 6500 HD trucks’ tilting hoods.

The tubular grille guard’s design closely follows the profile of the front of the Silverado Chassis Cabs; and when viewed from the front, the structure accentuates the hood nameplate and the grille logo.

“I am extremely excited for our new 2-inch tubular grille guard to launch as it will be a first for the medium-duty truck market,” says Jeff Perez, Lippert director of business development. “Not only will it offer superior front end protection, but it also allows for simple access under the hood of the truck. By taking our existing innovation with Class 8 designed guards, we feel that we now have a game changer in the medium duty market.”

Further, Fontaine Modification installs the grille guard at its Springfield, Ohio, modification center. The center is near the General Motors® plant where the trucks are assembled. The trucks remain in the factory delivery system during their time at Fontaine and through delivery. This is thanks to Fontaine’s ship-through agreement with General Motors. This means dealers get their upfitted trucks faster and without extra freight charges. Because the companies designed the grille guard specifically for the Silverado HD Chassis Cabs, installation requires no drilling. This helps avoid future maintenance issues.

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