JULY 2017


Product Enhancement for the 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch SLPL Spring-Driven Models
Coxreels introduces a product enhancement to the spring-driven 1.25-inch and 1.5-inch SLPL models. Coxreels incorporated a nickel-plated steel inline swivel to increase the pressure rating of the inline plumbing from 250 psi to 1,500 psi. The nickel-plated steel is more rugged and durable than the previous aluminum swivel. The new inline swivel is also available in stainless steel, which gives customers a choice with their stainless steel fluid path requirements. The stainless steel inline swivel fluid path is considerably more cost-effective than the 90-degree swivel stainless steel fluid path. The axle plumbing in both standard carbon steel models and optional stainless steel models was upgraded, as well.


Torx® and Hex Bit Socket Master Sets
GearWrench® announces the availability of two new Torx® and Hex Bit Socket Master Sets. Available nationwide is the 36-Piece Torx Bit Socket Master Set and the 84-Piece SAE/Metric Torx® and Hex Bit Socket Master Set. These products feature professional, full-polish chrome, durable heat-treated socket bases, and hard-stamped sizes for easy identification. Both sets come with durable blow-molded cases for convenient storage and are backed by the GearWrench Lifetime warranty. The 80742 84-piece Torx and Hex Bit Socket Master Set from GearWrench is now available.

HUBB Filters

Oil Filters
HUBB is a revolutionary reusable and cleanable oil filter for most light- and medium-duty trucks that use a spin-on filter. HUBB provides faster, better, and longer engine protection in comparison to conventional oil filters while reducing preventive maintenance costs and helping the environment. HUBB’s patented filter-in-a-filter design is made of a surgical stainless steel filter weave rather than paper that is used by conventional filters. HUBB’s unique design and CNC production process enables it to improve oil flow by up to five times, while capturing more contaminants from combustion, which keeps the oil cleaner, longer. Backed by independent third-party testing from Automotive Testing and Development Services, Inc., HUBB filters are designed to last the lifetime of a vehicle and are backed by an industry first 100,000-mile or 5,000-hour performance guarantee.

Truck Covers USA

American Work Cover
Truck Covers USA covers some of the Finest Fleets in America with their American Work Cover, an industry first Toolbox and Roll Cover Combination. Two essential products are combined to create the ideal work truck combination of the highest quality. This multifunctional product was engineered and designed with the work truck and superior style in mind. Product features include not only the superior construction of the American Roll Cover itself, but a heavy-duty galvanized sheet metal sectioned toolbox; OEM grade locking mechanisms; two removable sliding trays; LED cargo lighting and remote locking options available. The American Work Cover is the preferred choice of America’s Finest Fleets.


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