Industry News: April 2016


AME International, a leading provider of wheel service equipment and tools based out of Florida, announces a distribution agreement with AC Hydraulic, a Denmark-based manufacturer of a diverse range of automotive, heavy-duty, and aircraft workshop equipment.

The new partnership with AC Hydraulic will allow AME to offer a variety of lifting equipment designed for not only the mining industry, but also the aviation industry; an area AME has not yet capitalized on. Keith Jarman, president, AME International, projects an increased distribution for this product line within the next year.

AME International continues to provide the industry with the most innovative tools and equipment and strives to design tools that exceed industry standards. As industry standards continue to evolve, AME proactively integrates the highest quality of equipment that is safe and makes tire service easier.

Commenting on the agreement, Kenny V. Andersen, general sales manager, AC Hydraulic A/S, says, “We’re very excited about the potential that AME holds and firmly believe our high-quality products are a perfect match for their range of heavy-duty tools for professional tire service. We welcome AME on board and are looking forward to building a strong partnership together with them and to support their team in any way we can.”


Valvoline™ is introducing an innovative new grease designed with a breakthrough viscosity delivery system trademarked Valvoline Cobalt™ Grease with Pressure Activated Technology™. Offering true, heavy-duty performance, Valvoline Cobalt Grease reduces friction and can handle heat in extreme environments. The Pressure Activated Technology allows Valvoline Cobalt Grease to deliver ISO 1000 lubricating fluid, ensuring EP protection and sufficient film thickness on even the heaviest-loaded metal surfaces.

Valvoline Cobalt Grease contains a lithium sulfonate complex thickening system that provides metal with inherent corrosion protection in harsh environments, even salt water. This one-of-a-kind grease also offers pumpability and extended oxidation protection to help promote longer service life.

“We expect Valvoline Cobalt Grease to improve our customers’ asset reliability and uptime by reducing grease related failures and optimizing maintenance intervals,” says David Young, vice president, channel partner sales.

Valvoline Cobalt Grease with Pressure Activated Technology is suitable for applications in mining, quarry, construction, trucking, refuse, ready-mix fleets, industrial, agriculture, and more.


Pirelli plans to begin serving the commercial truck and bus markets in the US and Canada through a new entity, TP Commercial Solutions LLC, which is dedicated to these markets. The move represents an expansion into North America of Pirelli’s industrial business unit, currently headed at the group level by Pirelli CEO, Marco Tronchetti Provera.

The unit supplies commercial truck tires and fleet solutions to the global market. The drive into the US and Canadian markets, which are the world’s largest in terms of value for commercial truck tires and fleet management solutions, is part of Pirelli’s aggressive global growth strategy. The pilot phase, currently underway, aims at establishing the best strategy for local product development, distribution, and sales. Currently there are more than 40 fleets participating in the testing and development of Pirelli commercial truck tires for several North American applications.

Clif Armstrong has been selected to manage the project as president of TP Commercial Solutions LLC. Clif brings more than 20 years of commercial experience to this venture, including senior roles within Continental Tire’s truck tire division. He will be based in Rome, Georgia, at Pirelli’s North American headquarters.

Pirelli is already regarded as a global leader in commercial truck tires and fleet management tools, offering the highest levels of performance, safety, and service to fleets worldwide while delivering a corporate mandate of environmental sustainability.

Pirelli owns and operates truck-manufacturing facilities in Brazil, China, Egypt, and Turkey. All technical specifications for its products and production are tightly controlled to provide the highest quality products for OEM partners and global fleets.


Ranger Design Inc. announces that its distributor, Kodiak Upfitters LLC, has been granted the status of Master Upfitter 2015-16 by Daimler Vans/Mercedes-Benz America. This important designation recognizes Kodiak Upfitters as an expert in their field and ensures that their work meets the highest standards for upfitting and customization of Mercedes Sprinter, Mercedes Metris, and Freightliner Sprinter cargo vans.

The Master Upfitter program acknowledges qualified upfitters in their respective fields of expertise. It confirms Mercedes-Benz confidence in the upfitter’s ability to deliver an outstanding finished product and uphold the utmost in customer satisfaction.

Kodiak Upfitters, which was launched in 2013, has been quickly building a reputation for satisfying its customers. The company focuses on providing upfit solutions for van interiors and exteriors, custom work, and pickup truck accessories. Kodiak Upfitters’ services cover North Carolina and South Carolina. The company has been a premier distributor of Ranger Design products since 2013.
Featured Image: Keith Jarman, president, AME International, shakes hands with Kenny Anderson, general sales manager, AC Hydraulics A/S.
Above: Vacuum excavation is used worldwide and has quickly grown into the best method for safer digging.


April is National Safe Digging month and every year, many companies, including 811, promote the importance of having a plan before you begin digging. Every six minutes, an underground utility line is damaged and the growing trend in preventing these accidents is using vacuum excavation. There are many instances when vacuum excavation is the safest and most productive option for digging compared to traditional excavation.

Digging around lines using vacuum excavation is less intrusive to the surrounding dig site and provides a cleaner hole. It exposes the piping without abrasive force compared to a front-end loader or shovel. Air or hydro vacuum excavation dramatically reduces the chance of a cut or break into the utility lines which helps with cost, safety, and time.

Directional-bore projects, specifically those areas where the bore route will cross other utilities—and especially when the bore route crosses natural gas lines buried within the road or other paved areas—is another example of when vacuum excavation is the best option. A gas line strike with traditional excavation is one of the worst disasters a project can incur and happens too often. Vacuum excavation is a much safer alternative when digging around gas lines.

The cost of damaging utilities can range from environmental contamination, project delays, lost time and productivity, and even more tragically, death.

Vacuum excavation is used worldwide and has quickly grown into the best method for safer digging. Vac-Tron Equipment, the industry leader in vacuum excavation, has worked tirelessly to gather industry research and data in order to make safety a priority.


Cellcontrol announces partnership with TomTom, a global leader in navigation and mapping products, to reduce distracted driving among fleets.

Cellcontrol has developed a customized version of its patented, award-winning safe driving platform specifically for TomTom Bridge. Cellcontrol technology will pair with a driver’s smartphone in the cabin and restrict the driver’s access to certain smartphone applications while their vehicle is in motion. TomTom Bridge is a semi-rugged navigation device built for vehicle fleets that seamlessly connects business applications, like Cellcontrol, with TomTom maps, traffic, and navigation software.

The partnership combines Cellcontrol’s mission of ending distracted driving and creating better drivers with TomTom’s Bridge technology aimed at improving life on the road for fleet drivers. This partnership enables Cellcontrol and TomTom Bridge customers to keep their professional drivers safer by reducing distractions and keeping their eyes on the road, all while being guided by award-winning navigation and traffic information.

“Cellcontrol is an invaluable tool for improving safety on the road,” says Jocelyn Vigreux, president, TomTom, Inc. “TomTom is thrilled to join Cellcontrol in its mission and we believe it is an essential addition to the Bridge platform that will help fleet-centric businesses improve the safety of everyone on the road, while providing specific feedback on driver performance.”

Built for life on the road, the TomTom Bridge device has a solid industrial design, seven-inch screen, fully customizable Android interface, and powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The device comes with lifetime TomTom Maps and TomTom Traffic. It includes innovative hardware features such as Near-Field Communication, an integrated camera, wireless connectivity, Bluetooth®, a loud speaker for vehicle use, and a custom charging cradle that can be mounted in a wide variety of vehicle configurations.

“We are thrilled to partner with TomTom, a company that shares our passion for and commitment to driver safety,” says Cellcontrol CEO, Robert Guba. “Our relationship enables us to further our goal of putting an end to distracted driving. Moreover, by expanding our fleet market presence with TomTom Bridge, we are also helping businesses and professionals who depend on safe driving to make a living.”

Cellcontrol is a Bridge ecosystem partner for safe driving. Cellcontrol for TomTom Bridge is available immediately across North America.


International Truck is now offering IMMI’s RollTek® seat as an option on its International® ProStar® Class 8 on-highway trucks. “Our commitment to incorporating the most advanced collision mitigation technology systems has demonstrated the potential to make a real difference in improving driver safety,” says Bill Kozek, president, truck and parts. “Incorporating the advanced RollTek protection system into our heavy truck portfolio is a reflection of our listening to our customers and providing them with an option when a collision is unavoidable.”

The RollTek safety system combines advanced seat belt technology and side airbag protection to significantly reduce the potential for death or serious injury in a rollover. It has a sensor located behind the seat that constantly monitors the angular position of the vehicle and activates when it detects an imminent rollover. When activated, RollTek deploys side-roll airbags, tightens the safety belt, and lowers the seat to help reduce injury risk and maximize safety for operators.

“Today’s trucking companies are increasingly looking for smart technologies that can deliver an added margin of safety and productivity,” says Steve Gilligan, vice president, product marketing. “The RollTek safety system provides best-in-class protection that contributes to drivers’ safety and peace of mind.”


Product line expansion continues at US Cargo Control with Automotive Lighting, the newest category now available to customers. The category features a range of light styles and sizes, including LED Beacon Lights, Light Bars, LED Warning Lights, and Lighting Accessories, all available for order online or via phone. All products are from industry-leaders Whelen and Star Headlight & Lantern Co.

The Iowa-based company is in the middle of a concerted effort to add a wide range of products that appeal to its growing customer base. Recent additions over the past year include Guy Wire & Hardware, Shackles, Netting, Lifting Beams, Spreader Bars, and a full selection of Chain and Binder packages.

The lighting category currently includes more than 40 products, with additional items expected to be added this year. The next line of product updates will be within the company’s growing moving supplies division, with several new moving blankets, packing tape, hand truck replacement parts, and more.


Earlier this month, at the 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show, WABCO showcased its next generation OnLane lane departure warning system with video-based driver performance monitoring.


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