If Your Engine Oil Bottle is Giving you Fits, Flip-It!


You own a small fleet, and your maintenance shop isn’t much of a shop at all. Maintenance is often performed in the yard with no fancy equipment. Sometimes this means making a trip to AutoZone to grab fluids, oils, and cleaning products. Once the vehicle’s fluid tanks are full or the vehicle is clean, the half-full bottles you bought are thrown somewhere to store—be it a shelf in a garage or a small storage area. Here’s the bad side to that: containers sitting right-side up allow fluids to settle at the bottom. This leads to a lot of waste as service members don’t have time to wait for the fluid to drain from the bottom to the spout. One brand has the perfect solution.

know the struggle of wasting liquids simply because I’m too busy (or lazy) to wait for everything to flow from the bottom of a bottle to its spout. I’ve thrown away countless shampoo and liquid soap containers, wasting perfectly good product. But I recently tested a nifty gadget that keeps liquids right near the top for easy access.

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Flip-It! is a bottle emptying system that keeps bottles turned upside down, causing liquids to flow to the cap where they are easily dispensed. The Flip-It! cap features three legs as tripods that allow bottles to balance upside down. The cap is food-grade and BPA-free, making it safe for virtually any bottled product. The cap is also reusable and dishwasher safe.

Flip-It! fits most bottles, as it comes with bottle adapters of variable sizes. Whether for engine oil or a bottle of car wax, Flip-It! fits it.

A single-pack kit includes one extra-large dispensing stand, three adapters (small, medium, and large), and reusable leak-proof gaskets. For those who use a variety of bottles in their shop, Flip-It! sells an Expanded Super Deluxe Flip-It! kit with its widest range of adapter sizes.


I’m not a fleet maintenance professional, and I don’t wash my car at home. But one thing I use quite often and I feel gives a general synopsis of Flip-It!’s capabilities is liquid soap. My soap bottle was running pretty low when I got ahold of my Flip-It!, and I decided to try it out right away.

The instructions in the kit were straightforward and simple. I had no problems figuring out how to use Flip-It!, and I was flipping my soap bottle in no time! Flip-It! dispenses like a sports bottle; you’ll have to pull the cap to dispense and push it back to close. Because of this, you won’t have the convenience of a pump, but you’ll definitely squeeze every drop from your bottle.

If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for, it’s an inexpensive product that gives me plenty of use. And, my favorite part about Flip-It! is that I can use it multiple times on different bottles. When I start to run out of my shampoo, I’m flipping it! If I find myself shaking glue bottles, I’m flipping them! Running out of my Alabama white barbecue sauce? Flip-It!


Flip-It!’s website states that according to Consumer Reports, up to 25 percent of household products are wasted because people can’t get them out of bottles. That’s 25 percent of any fluids your small fleet employs to keep trucks running. I encourage small fleet owners to look into this money-saving, time-saving, frustration-free solution—even if just for your soap bottles. A dollar saved anywhere is a dollar added to your bottom line. Check it out at


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October 2018

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